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Mad Fish Co Is A Seafood Spot for Families In Seaside Park

As owner of The 3C’s Luncheonette for nearly 30 years, Gail Coleman knows all about breakfast and lunch. Likewise, her daughter Madeleine Meseroll shares the same passion for serving great food to the town of Seaside Park. In fact, it’s always been her dream to one day own her own restaurant. As it turns out, dreams do come true: Following in her mother’s footsteps, Madeleine now owns Mad Fish Co, which operates out of The 3C’s.

The name “Mad Fish” is an ode to Meseroll’s childhood. “The name comes from my hero, my Dad,” she says. She grew up fishing with him, always by her father’s side on a boat. He had many boats over the years until finding his beloved one, which he named MadGail. (The name combines his wife and daughter’s names into one.) “As my husband Zack and I decided to start our business, I was jotting down my thoughts of what I wanted to name it. Tons of possibilities were written down. Then came Mad Fish and that was it,” Madeleine explains.

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Though an ultrasound technician by trade, once Madeleine became a mom she chose to stay home with her baby girl. But she never gave up on her dream of owning a restaurant. “Mad Fish has been the perfect blend of going back to work and still being able to be the number one influence in my daughter’s life,’ she says. “Now that is a dream come true.”

Mad Fish offers a laid-back vibe along with both indoor and outdoor dining options. Outside, the spot has two large picnic tables with umbrellas to make dining feel casual and relaxing. You can even bring your own wine or favorite drink to enjoy while you sit near the shore. “The kids can run around outside and play while the whole family can enjoy dinner,” Madeleine adds.

You Can’t Beat Fresh Seafood

Interior Photo of Mad Fish Co RestaurantSimple and fresh seafood platters are on the menu at Mad Fish. A “boat-to-table” restaurant, they serve locally caught wild seafood, straight from the Atlantic Ocean. They serve seafood dishes either broiled or fried. In particular, they offer flounder, scallops, shrimp, and crab cakes. You can also call ahead to learn about weekly specials in advance.

Kids – or guests not in the mood for seafood – can order chicken fingers with honey mustard or BBQ sauce. All entrees come with French fries, Mad Fries, or mixed greens and house-made coleslaw. “Mad Fries are yummy!” says Madeleine. “After they’ve been cooked, they’re tossed in a lemon, parsley and garlic gremolata. It’s a refreshing twist.”

You can find Mad Fish Co at 1001 SW Central Avenue in Seaside Park. It’s open Friday-Sunday each week from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm; however, they will close for the season after Labor Day. For more info, visit their website or call 732-830-4077.

Images: © Madeleine Meseroll / Mad Fish Co