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Express Shish Kabab Brings Middle Eastern Meals to Pennsauken

Pennsauken native Jack Ahmad always felt like something was missing from his town. And he would know; Ahmad had his wedding in town, raises his kids in town, and has been living in town since 1995. “It needed a good takeout restaurant with high quality and fresh food,” he says. As a result, he now owns the new Express Shish Kabab takeout restaurant in town.

Express Shish Kabab serves Middle Eastern food, however, the brick and mortar spot isn’t the first version of this idea. Instead, Ahmad’s idea originally took the form of a food truck. “This is our first restaurant open on land, not wheels,” he says about the eatery. When he says “ours,” he is referring to his family as two of his three sons work with him. In addition, you’ll find both Jack and his wife, Nora, making meals in the kitchen.

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Express Shish Kabab Makes Food Fast Without Sacrificing Quality

Ahmad says all the meat at Express Shish Kabab is top quality and he cooks everything on a fire grill. “The best part about the fire grill is that it gives beef and chicken a fresh and natural taste,” he says. In fact, you’ll notice the aroma of freshly grilled meats as soon as you walk in.

So far, folks seem to love the cheese steak with Cheez Whiz, Ahmad says. To make it, he fire grills ribeye steaks on the charcoal grill before wrapping it in thin pita bread; then he folds in some fries with Cheez Whiz. He prepares the cheese steak fresh daily and can also make chicken cheese steak, too.

Express Shish Kabab Grilled Chicken

Another fan favorite is the deluxe kabab. Express Shish Kabab serves these beef and chicken kababs over rice along with their special sauce. “The recipes I use are ones we’ve used in the past at family barbecues and special family events,” says Ahmad. “I use the same techniques in the restaurant.” Click here to see the full menu.

Of course, they also serve Middle Eastern favorites like falafel wraps and shawarma. Beyond that, the menu includes salmon and shrimp (they uses jumbo-size shrimp, not small ones), as well as hummus. Finally, you can end your meal with some dessert, such as the homemade baklava and coconut cakes.

Express Shish Kabab makes family platters, offers delivery, and can also cater events.

Next time you are craving top quality grilled meat, visit Express Shish Kabab at 2673 Haddonfield Road in Pennsauken. For details, visit their website, or give them a call.

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