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Artisan Cheese is this NJ Creamery’s Trademark

There is an art to fluently creating the creamy and mild flavors of various types of cheeses. From the milking process to the aging process; it’s often diligent work to craft what results in elegant wheels of cheese for countless consumers around the world. One New Jersey creamery and farm has become a nationally recognized business for their renowned dairy products; especially their delicious cheeses.

Located in Long Valley, the Valley Shepherd Creamery works year round to deliver some of New Jersey’s best dairy products, including over 25 different types of cheeses. Owner Eran Wajswol continues the old-world tradition of cheese-making by meticulously handling various processes, which include aging, cutting, heating, pressing, and more. The final products are unique and traditional items that cannot be duplicated.

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The Wonders of the Craft

Valley Shepherd Creamery embodies the caring essence of a privately run organization. They take their consumers’ thoughts, opinions, and desires into consideration, and use those elements to improve their cheeses as well as their business.

[Going out to the direct consumer markets], standing there for 6 hours a day…and selling cheese is wonderful because you get feedback from the customers there. You bring the feedback here, and we live with that feedback,” Wajswol tells Joanna Gagis, host of Life & Living with Joanna Gagis, during her visit out to Valley Shepherd Creamery.

Gagis spoke with workers and visitors of the farm, where they told her about Valley Shepherd’s dynamic atmosphere and various functions, including their Spring, Summer, and Fall tours, their wine and cheese tasting sessions, and even their cheese-making classes.

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