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Chris “Mad Dog” Russo Talks Sirius XM and MLB Network

The 2018 baseball season is underway, and a number of networks are bringing the games right into your homes. Many stations also broadcast in-depth analyses and discussions about the league’s top players and coaches. One native New Yorker is doing the same, only with a lot more energy; his name is Chris “Mad Dog” Russo, and you can find him on Sirius XM and MLB Network.

Steve Adubato, PhD., met with Christopher “Mad Dog” Russo for an episode of One-on-One with Steve Adubato. The two spoke about Russo’s SiriusXM channel, Mad Dog Sports Radio, and his MLB Network show, High Heat. Russo goes on to discuss his legendary years hosting “Mike and the Mad Dog” sports talk show on WFAN; and how it paved the way for the future of sports talk radio.

Chris “Mad Dog” Russo Brings Sports Talk to Sirius XM and MLB Network

Russo started his career in 1988 as an overnight, weekend and fill-in host on WFAN. However, the now-seasoned sports radio talk show host admits this wasn’t originally the career he was aiming for.

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“I thought I was gonna be a play-by-play guy in baseball,” he told Adubato. “So I went out to Hawaii [for the Winter Meetings] in December of ’82 thinking that I was gonna get a job at Major League Baseball as a play-by-play guy.”

Russo says that not long after the Winter Meetings, he fell into radio. By 1989, Russo was co-hosting his own show with Mike Francesa. Russo left the show nearly 20 years later, and now has a few brand new endeavors in the works.

Mad Dog Sports Radio is a Sirius XM Radio station that broadcasts sports news and talk 24 hours a day. Russo started this nationally recognized station after leaving WFAN in 2008. He also partners with MLB Network to bring baseball fans High Heat.

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