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"UNTUCKit" Bridges Gap Between Professional & Casual Shirts

It may come as a surprise to some, but many men consider fashion to be a significant aspect of their daily lives. As men reach an age for employment and begin to look for jobs, their appearance becomes increasingly important; that’s why countless male young adults are ditching their sweatshirts and graphic tees to invest in pea coats and button-downs.

Though men certainly enjoy dressing up from time to time, there is nothing like comfortably casual outfits such as the classic jeans and a button-down. Which brings about a familiar dilemma: Tuck it or untuck it?

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Stop Tucking in Your Shirt

On this episode of Life & Living with Joanna Gagis, Gagis sits down with New Jerseyan Chris Riccobono to talk about his company, UNTUCKit, a line of gentleman’s button-down shirts designed to be worn untucked while still looking professional.

This video was made possible thanks to Hackensack Meridian Health
This video was made possible thanks to Hackensack Meridian Health

Riccobono’s brand was born in Hoboken; as he and his friends tried to find a way to untuck their button-downs without looking “sloppy.”

“For years – outside of college when you start to be concerned about how you look and dress – every shirt was too long for me,” says Riccobono.

He explains that UNTUCKit provides men a fashionable, professional and casual style clothing line. Within a year’s time, it successfully entered a highly competitive market. Today, it accommodates countless men of all ages, from grad students to men in their 90s.

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