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The Best New Jersey Food Trucks: The Complete Series

The Garden State is known for quite a few things, and many of them involve food. From bagels and pizza to an abundance of Diners, NJ is a great place to grab a bite to eat. However, one of the newest crazes sweeping the nation is the growing popularity of food trucks. They pop up at festivals, parades and conventions, sometimes even your workplace parking lot. So we thought, why not go out and find The Best New Jersey Food Trucks?

Well, that’s exactly what we did. Each year, Best of NJ spotlights six of the state’s best food trucks. Of course, their menus range from brunch to dessert, and much more in between.

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Season One: Bearded One BBQ | House of Cupcakes | WTF? Food Truck | JimmyDawn’s | The Guac Spot | Five Sisters Food Co.
Season Two: Callahan’s

Best of NJ Presents: The Best New Jersey Food Trucks

The Best New Jersey Food Trucks – Season One

Bearded One BBQ

Bearded One BBQ PhotoIf you go to any food truck festival in the NJ area, look around for the longest line. Wherever it is, you’re likely to find Bearded One BBQ. The bearded man working the grill is—you guessed it—the owner and founder of this nationally recognized food truck. Pitmaster Chris D’Addario and his wife, Jess, founded Bearded One BBQ several years ago. Its local roots and national success make it a natural fit for our series.

House of Cupcakes

House of Cupcakes PhotoBefore House of Cupcakes dipped its toes into the food truck business, the Bzdewkas were contestants on Cupcake Wars. In fact, Ron and Ruthie ended their time on the popular Food Network competition series with a triumphant victory. After Cupcake Wars, Ron and Ruthie, along with their young sons Rage and Riot, purchased their first food truck. Today, they can be found at local events all year long.

WTF? Food Truck

WTF Food Truck PhotoIn 2013, entrepreneur Tim McRae set out on a new adventure. After years of experience in music and entertainment, plus his family oil business, he sought a new challenge. Then, from this simple-yet-elegant origin, one of the most recognizable food trucks in New Jersey came to life. With its big yellow letters, the vibrant red food truck is undoubtedly hard to miss. But what you really can’t miss is the delicious food.


The name might not give it away, but JimmyDawn’s is quickly becoming known for serving New Jersey’s best cheesesteaks. Debuting in 2016, its rapidly becoming one of the state’s most successful food trucks. Owner Jimmy, along with his wife Dawn, utilizes years of culinary experience to create cheesesteak masterpieces. Moreover, it’s their signature cheese sauce that keeps customers coming back.

The Guac Spot

The Guac Spot Food Truck PhotoThe avocado food trend isn’t new, but that doesn’t make it any less delicious! With that in mind, The Guac Spot offers “artfully-crafted, avocado-inspired eats,” as they say. But don’t group them in the same category as your favorite taco trucks. Syl, of Italian and Jamaican descent, and John, of Puerto Rican descent, put much of their cultures into their food. So don’t think they’re some ordinary taco truck.

Five Sisters Food Co.

Five Sisters Food Truck PhotoThe Miller family, who hail from Little Egg Harbor, bought their very first food truck in 2014. Shortly thereafter, Five Sisters Food Co. was born. Libby Miller, and her husband George, soon brought their young daughters – Ashley, Hailey, Summer, Savannah, and Piper – into the business. Overall, the ladies love (almost) every second of it; from learning the business to serving countless customers, it never gets old.

The Best New Jersey Food Trucks – Season Two


Callahan's Food Truck ExteriorThe late Leonard “Artie” Castrianni was a young WWII veteran when he purchased Callahan’s Auto & Gas in 1949. The location sat on Palisades Avenue in Fort Lee. At the time, Callahan’s had a short menu; some burgers and snacks, plus one gas pump out front. By his second year in business, Artie removed the gas pump and transformed Callahan’s into his own hot dog restaurant.