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Robotic Exoskeletons Improve Life for Stroke Victims

Near-fatal illnesses and neurological disorders have been claiming the abilities, comfort and happiness of countless individuals throughout history. In recent years though, scientific and medical advances have significantly improved to provide such individuals with a better quality of living. Robotic Exoskeletons may be the next step.

One of the most recent technological advances in medicine, robotic exoskeletons are designed to aid individuals, such as traumatic stroke victims, who are unable or have a limited ability to walk.

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On this episode of Caucus: New Jersey with Steve Adubato, Steve Adubato, PhD., was on-location at the Kessler Foundation’s “Life After Stroke” event to talk with Stroke Robotic Exoskeleton participant, Howard Rossman, about the ways in which the exoskeleton machine has helped him regain movement in his body.

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After his stroke, but before he began using the robotic exoskeleton, Rossman had absolutely no movement in his left leg. Today, the innovative piece of machinery, which fits like a body brace, enables him to use his left leg and walk again.

Adubato also talked with David Knowlton, former deputy health commissioner of the New Jersey Health Care Quality Institute, about the stroke that affected his life and the impact of a quick response time that limited negative effects.

“I had a full right-side stroke, driving home on Thanksgiving Day,” Knowlton told Adubato. “[There were] no deficits, because I got people who cared for me quickly and people who were saying deficits were unacceptable.”

To hear Rossman’s story, learn more about the Stroke Robotic Exoskeleton and discover additional information about David Knowlton’s involvement in the field, check out this edition of Caucus: New Jersey with Steve Adubato.

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