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Georgian Court University President Advocates Cheaper College Tuition

From an early age, most children are taught about the importance of a college degree. (The benefits of which have been covered in a previous feature.) Since the job market has become even more competitive in recent years, a Bachelor’s Degree seems almost a necessity for those entering the working world. One major hurdle, though, is college tuition.
However, a degree from a four-year school isn’t cheap, and college tuition fees at countless universities and institutes of higher learning across the country are further on the rise, creating a problem for upcoming high school graduates and their parents.

Joseph Marbach, PhD., president of Georgian Court University, visited the set of One-on-One with Steve Adubato to talk about why he feels the leadership of higher education institutions should evaluate the affordability of their colleges and universities.
College Tuition
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“It’s a very nuanced problem,” says Marbach, when asked about student debt by Steve Adubato, PhD. He went on to explain that a large portion of debt is incurred by graduate students who are moving on toward professional careers.
“There’s another segment of students – your typical undergraduate – who has incurred a lot of debt, often at the for-profit schools,” he adds. “And the other large problem you find are students who don’t graduate. If a student doesn’t get their Bachelor’s Degree and they still incur debt, they just don’t have the earning power to pay that debt off down the line.”
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