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College 101: The Importance of Community Service

These days, college applications read more like resumes. With AP courses, after school clubs, and part-time jobs, it’s hard to figure out what makes the best addition to an application. While you always want to pursue your passions and interests, it can be easy to overlook the value of community service.

These service projects teach responsibility and organization as well as many of the same skills as part-time jobs; but joining a charitable organization provides networking opportunities and can help give schools a more complete picture of you. In today’s College 101, we break down the reasons why community service is important for college applicants.

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Getting Started

Finding the right volunteer opportunity might appear daunting, especially if you’ve never volunteered before. Fortunately, there are prospective positions all around you! The first source you enlist should be your guidance counselor. Knowing your strengths and interests, your guidance counselor can provide ideas for volunteer organizations that work with your school; this helps with finding ones that offer school credit, in addition to programs that other students have found rewarding. From there, think about the community organizations in your town or city. For example, religious institutions and local youth leagues are all great options, and are found in most towns and cities.

It’s Good for You!

Community service is good for those who volunteer – not just the community! Students who volunteer have been found to be happier than their peers and tend to be more active in life. (Source.) Participating in community service also develops problem-solving skills, one of the most highly sought skills on a resume. Of course, most forms of volunteering often teach the skills and experiences many employers are looking for in college students. You’ll give your brain a boost while preparing yourself for the job market.

It Pays Off

Many community service organizations have scholarship opportunities for their volunteers. These may be in the form of essay contests, applications, or length-of-service requirements. If you’re volunteering for a national or international organization, talk to your director to find out if any scholarships are available to you. Additionally, some schools may offer grants or scholarships for students who have volunteered in the past and plan to continue through college.
Community Service

You’ll be Part of a Community

In addition to providing networking opportunities for potential employers and possible letters of recommendation to add to an application, students who volunteer on even a somewhat regular basis have reported feeling personal satisfaction for being part of their organization, and for giving back to their community. Ultimately, what an admissions officer decides when reviewing your applications is not whether or not you are smart enough for the school (though academics play a significant part); the decision is whether or not you would be a good addition to their campus community. By volunteering, you’re demonstrating your commitment and desire to give back, all while showing colleges that you are proactive and looking to become involved on campus.

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