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Bridal Bouquet Trends for Fall

Spring and summer are full of blooming buds. Choosing flowers for your bouquet during warmer months can be a no-brainer — after all, there are loads of colors and varieties in season. Come fall, though, you may feel your choices starts to slim down. Fear not, fall brides!
Rich hues, ribbons — and a little blush and bashful — are what’s happening with wedding flowers this fall. And this season’s bouquet trends are beyond beautiful and easy to achieve.
Kristin Polhemus, Creative Director and owner of Princeton’s Reveriemade has been making memories and dreams come true for brides for years. And those big memories don’t stop once the summer ends. In fact, fall weddings can be more fun because of the wow factor of wildflowers. Twigs, thistle and green leaves can be used to incorporate an element of nature and dark, deep rich tones can be used to create an old-world romantic feel.
No matter how you use flowers, being realistic about your floral budget is important no matter what the season, explained Polhemus. “One thing to keep in mind is that a large portion of any floral invoice is labor. There’s a photo circulating on Pinterest of a tall centerpiece made of nothing but baby’s breath, and everyone pins it because they think it’s inexpensive — but what they don’t realize is that baby’s breath is one of the most laborious flowers to use, because it has to be hand-picked apart and then reassembled to give it that airy, ethereal look. That baby’s breath centerpiece has relatively low product costs, but takes hours upon hours to create! So never underestimate the value of labor; it can add up very quickly! The same holds true for cascading bouquets and any bouquet flowers that require wiring, such as stephanotis, lily of the valley, or succulents.” So, if money is an issue, rethink those flowers and instead try to incorporate seasonal blooms that don’t require too much work.
What are some of the fall trends she’s noticed? “I’m seeing traditional, analogous fall colors like plum, burgundy, orange, and yellow, but I like to lighten it up with coordinating pastels and neutrals such as blush, peach and nude-colored flowers.” The yin and yang of the deep and light create stunning bouquets that really stand out in pictures. Want more inspiration for your fall wedding? Here are more trends to keep an eye on.

Don’t Be Afraid to Blush

Bridal Bouquet Trends for FallTake a cue from Julia Roberts’s character in Steel Magnolias and go for the lightest of light shade of pink known as “blush.” Incorporating this pretty pale pink hue really adds a bit of softness and romance to a bouquet — and it’s neutral enough to complement any other more dramatic color. “Blush has been going strong for a few years now, and I don’t see it going anywhere, anytime soon!” Polhemus said of the color. “For fall, blush is pretty and unexpected when paired with burgundy.”

Mix It Up

Bridal Bouquet Trends for FallA current trend is for bridesmaids is for each to wear a different color dress within a wedding palette. And Polhemus likes to take that one step further by giving each bridesmaid a bouquet is subtly different from others in design. “When bridesmaid bouquets all look exactly the same — with the same exact flowers and tight, identical placement — they lose their element of individuality. My flower arranging style is garden-inspired, and in a natural garden, nothing is perfectly symmetrical; there’s lots of greenery and flowers are arranged in groups, as they grow naturally.”

Add Texture

Bridal Bouquet Trends for FallAdding texture to a bouquet in the form of fabric or elements from nature adds unexpected dimension and beauty to a bouquet. “I like to add streaming silk ribbons to bouquets to add movement and interest,” Polhemus said. “I like the ribbons to hang almost down to the ground, so as not to break up the visual line of the beautiful dresses the bouquets were designed to complement.” Natural elements such a berries and herbs can also add a gorgeous, textured look that breaks up the softness of the petals.

Skip Kitschy Themes — Go Timeless Instead

Bridal Bouquet Trends for FallWhile themes can be fun, save them for your anniversary party. Polhemus suggests telling your story through flowers instead. Say a yellow rose was on the table in the restaurant of your first date — so, add that. Or if you are high school sweethearts and have a story about your prom corsage, you could incorporate that part of your history into your flowers. “I try not to get too caught up in themes; instead, I like to get to know our couples and to try to tell their story through flowers. I want their grandchildren to look back on their wedding photos and say, ‘Grandma and Grandpa, you’ve always been so stylish!’ To me, trends are fleeting and don’t allow that same timeless beauty.”

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