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5 Tips for Throwing a St. Patrick’s Day Wedding

Spring is almost here, which means St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner. Although it’s highly unlikely that you’ll find a four-leaf clover or that a leprechaun will lead you to a pot of gold on March 17, we can’t think of a better way to celebrate the luck of the Irish than with a St. Paddy’s Day-themed wedding.

“It’s great for anyone that wants their wedding to be a fun party,” says wedding planner Christina Cusano, owner of Events by CC, LLC. “That’s what the Irish are known for. On St. Paddy’s Day, people go out; they enjoy; they celebrate.”

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Just be careful not to go too over-the-top with Irish décor or you may wind up with a wedding reception that’s more corny than captivating. “You don’t need to put four-leaf clovers all over,” advises Cusano. “You can be subtle. With the right items, your theme is already screaming [St. Patrick’s Day].”

Here are 5 of Cusano’s favorite ways to incorporate St. Patrick’s Day into your big day.


“You can buy a little pot and [put a] little clover plant or chocolate inside. Then you do a tag that says, ‘Your personal pot of gold.’ It’s an adorable favor incorporating the luck of the Irish.”


“You should definitely include Guinness dark chocolate if you’re incorporating the luck of the Irish into your wedding,” says Cusano, as Irish chocolate is known for its high quality, and often blended with Guinness or whiskey. “[It] would be a complete hit with your guests.”


“One of the main meals on St. Patrick’s Day is corned beef and cabbage. It may be too much for your reception – unless your guests are really Irish – but you can incorporate that into your cocktail hour along with a mini Shepherd’s pie and fish and chips. Or you could do a corned beef and cabbage cutting station and mini Irish soda bread.”


“The first thing I would do if I was planning an Irish wedding is to make sure I had a really nice beer selection. There’s also Irish whiskey and Bailey’s. There are a lot of things that would work as a shot depending on the crowd. You can even do desserts like Whiskey Caramel, whiskey-soaked pastries or Guinness pudding.”


“The Bells of Ireland are pretty green flowers that are tall and green, and the ends look like bells. You can pull that in with different flowers or any greenery. Ireland is very green so I would tend to go green with a little bit of a pale color, like white, but keep green the focus.”

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