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How to Throw a Rustic Chic Wedding

Are you a little bit country? Do you love haute couture as much as a good hoedown? Instead of saying “I do,” are you itching to say “Yeehaw” on your big day? If this describes your personality to a T, a rustic chic wedding may be the perfect way to give your affair a down-home vibe.

“A rustic chic wedding is perfect for a younger, more casual, carefree couple that wants their wedding to be all about having fun rather than just about elegance,” said wedding planner Christine Cusano, owner of Events by CC.

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That’s not to say, of course, that you can’t have a country-themed wedding that’s every bit as elegant as a more traditional one. “I’ve done a lot of rustic chic parties lately,” said Cusano. “This is a really hot trend right now and I don’t see it going away anytime soon. You’ve a got a country flair but you can make it as classic and chic as you want it to be depending on how much or little you want to go with the theme.”

Want a country-style wedding that looks chic, not cheap? Here are Cusano’s top 5 tips:

How to Throw a Rustic Chic WeddingPick a Down-Home Venue
If you’re holding your rustic chic wedding in the Garden State, you’re in luck. “New Jersey is awesome for this type of wedding because you have access to mountains and farmlands, golf courses, country clubs, lakefront mansions and even barns!” said Cusano. “I recently did a wedding at a barn and there’s a lot of natural rustic chic appeal. Plus, you can be inside or outdoors which provides more of a casual atmosphere. You can find a lot of barns in Northwestern New Jersey.”

Embrace Your Inner Cowgirl
Accessories can add a subtle country kick — literally! “You could wear cowboy boots with your wedding dress or the bridesmaids could wear boots with their dresses,” Cusano suggested. “The guys could also wear cowboy boots, or even sneakers, with fun suits that are light gray with pale yellow or navy. Black is more elegant and dressy so I would definitely recommend keeping it more on the casual side.”

Stay on-Theme with Your Favors
“Mason jar candles would make a really cute wedding favor,” said Cusano. “You can personalize them so they match the color of the bridal party or add a saying on the lid like, ‘This day is filled with light and love.’ That would be a really nice idea for your guests.”

A Few Touches Go a Long Way with the Decor
Cusano suggested simple touches that could add some rustic charm to your reception. “You could use crates and barrels for decoration around the venue,” she said. “You could also write the names of different drinks on a chalkboard for the cocktail hour. This would also work for the dinner menu and dessert table. I really love the look of bamboo ribbons tied around the gift table and dessert table, too.”

How to Throw a Rustic Chic Wedding

Go Simple and Sweet with the Flowers
The good news about flowers for a rustic chic wedding? They’re often less expensive than the ornate floral arrangements mandated by a more traditional wedding. “I like sunflowers with baby’s breath and greenery for the bouquets and centerpieces,” Cusano said. “You want something that has a more country feel, so these are a better option than roses or something else along those lines [that] you would see at a more traditional wedding.”

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