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Morris Animal Inn Provides First-Class Pet Care in NJ

It’s no secret that most pet owners struggle with the idea of leaving their furry friends at a boarding facility. But what if pets could go on their own vacations, complete with group activities and five-star amenities? Enter the Morris Animal Inn, a pet resort in Morristown that makes every effort to keep both pets and owners stress-free.
“We do everything we can to make our clients and pets as comfortable as possible,” said Debora Montgomery, Morris Animal Inn’s marketing manager. “Not every pet is the same — they’re very individual — so we allow our clients to customize their pets’ stay.”
There are a variety of activities for dog owners to choose from, including “Splish Splash Sessions” at the indoor pool, “Canine Cardio Sessions” or a facial at the spa. Cat owners have their own menu of options, which include sessions at the Kitty Play Room, exercise sessions on the Kitty Wheel or a stroll around the grounds in the “Kitty SUV.”
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Aside from lodging services, the Inn offers dog daycare, with several options — from Adventure Playcare™ to Manners Daycare — for how your dog can spend its day; wedding services, in which the Inn will escort your dog to and from your wedding venue and watch it during the ceremony so that you can focus on your special day; and a pet chauffeur service, where the Inn will transport your dog to and from the Inn for boarding, day care and grooming services.
Montgomery notes, though, that what makes the Inn truly special to its clients is its Wellness Department, which has a designated staff for health monitoring (appetite, weight, eliminations, head-to-tail checks) and places a priority on pet safety.
“We’re not just about pampering, but rather providing the best possible care in a safe environment,” she says. “Even the canine facial is more of a health treatment, to help promote a healthy coat and skin.”
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A family-owned business started in 1960 (then known as the Poodle Palace), Walter Morris purchased the business from his father. He and his wife Marianne then founded the Morris Animal Inn, which now has the fourth generation of Morris family members working for the pet care business. Joanne Morris, Walter and Marianne’s daughter who co-owns the Inn along with her parents and serves as its vice president, says it’s the passion for pets that has been passed from generation to generation that makes the Inn so unique.
“Some of my earliest memories are of our entire family working together on holidays. When caring for pets you never have a day off; their care is the priority regardless,” she says. “The understanding and support of family is so important since the commitment and schedule are not always traditional.”
It’s worth noting that Walter, who currently serves as president of the Inn, often does the late night bed check of the facility, making sure that all the pet guests are comfortable and safe.
Another important aspect of the Inn is its commitment to giving back to the community. Joanne says her family has always been involved with charitable organizations and events, and it’s something that has carried through the company to its employees.
“We encourage building strong partnerships among neighbors, other small business owners, community leaders and schools by offering social and economic relationships. Our biggest reward is knowing we’ve made a significant change in the community,” she says. The Inn supports fundraising events and encourages employee volunteerism through organizations such as The American Cancer Society Relay For Life and The United States War Dogs Association Inc., just to name a couple.
morris animal inn, pet care
With all the extra amenities, and the commitment to pet health, family and the greater community, it’s easy to see why the Morris Animal Inn is as popular as it is.
“My father had the vision to build a pet care facility that was innovative and world class. He took what was once a small mom-and-pop business to the next level. It is that legacy that we all are inspired by each day,” she says. “He has empowered not only myself but all of our staff to be the best that we can be. He never cut corners and has always demanded the best, and today we wouldn’t think of settling for less.”
The Morris Animal Inn is located at 120 Sand Spring Road in Morristown. To view a complete list of all the amenities offered at the Morris Animal Inn or to schedule a tour of the facilities, visit morrisanimalinn.com or call 973-539-0377.
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