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Build a Dream Home at the New Jersey Home Show

Contractors, landscapers, home appliance-marketers, and all-around home experts from across the Garden State traveled out to the extensive New Jersey Home Show in Edison this past weekend. The 3-day event, held at the New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center, featured almost every home necessity or luxury one could imagine; with products ranging from appliances and security systems to entertainment systems and hot tubs with FM radio.

From March 4-6, dedicated vendors set-up and maintained their own stands, exhibiting their specialties to the countless homeowners who attended the event. Though there were numerous well-known companies offering significant discounts at the home show; it was heartwarming to see the number of family operations manning their own stands throughout the weekend.

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Dream Homes Do Come True at New Jersey Home Show

The specialized cutlery and cookware were highlights for many people. However, new homeowners were more interested in improving their bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms; the show featured bathtubs and showers, mattresses and bedframes, kitchen tables and chairs, heating and cooling options, and more.

The New Jersey Home Show is a dynamic exhibition, in that it extends beyond typical home appliances and contracting needs; the event also displayed luxury cars, jewelry, watches, artwork, Disney memorabilia, and an “electricity ball” of sorts. For those with a sweet-tooth, there were several candy and chocolate stands, along with some other specialty-food vendors.

The 27th Annual New Jersey Home Show – the state’s largest home show – housed thousands of guests this past weekend; countless homeowners traveled out to Edison in search of professionals who could improve their dwellings, and needless to say, most guests went home happy. Whether you’re looking for long-lasting kitchen appliances or reliable roofing and siding, the New Jersey Home Show is your best bet at finding the most dependable solutions.

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