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The Best of: The Hoboken Arts & Music Festival

On Sunday, June 12, Hoboken welcomed countless residents of the Tri-state area to celebrate music and the arts. The city’s 22nd Arts & Music Festival was a massive event, allowing patrons to travel down Washington Street and enjoy all of the art, food, games, rides, and, of course, entertaining live performances.

Despite blustery winds, each of the 300+ artists, exhibitors, vendors, non-profits, and businesses stoically manned their stands, offering festival-goers an assortment of immensely creative and original works of art, such as acrylic, watercolor, and oil paintings, sculptures, photographs, apparel, jewelry, posters, literature, and much more.

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The festival was perfect for children as well, letting them enjoy many free games, rides, and activities; kids lined up to get their faces painted, make their own sand art, and watch live performances just for them.

Food vendors could be found throughout the festival; a diverse aroma of mixed ethnic and traditional cuisines wafted all through Washington Street. The festival offered a variety of Italian, Greek, French, Cajun, Mexican, Thai, and Indian dishes, alongside traditional American fare. (Such as hot dogs, burgers, and wings.) The shops and restaurants stayed open around Hoboken, so visitors were still able to wander around the city and both sample the famous restaurants and browse through the distinguished stores.

Hoboken Arts & Music Festival

The festival set up three stages for the numerous musicians who played a wide range of music, from jazz & blues to rock & roll. The event even featured 1970’s British rock legend Ian Hunter and The Rant Band.

A city on the banks of the Hudson River, Hoboken celebrates originality and innovation throughout all of their events during the year, but their 2016 Arts & Music Festival attracted thousands of New Jerseyans and New Yorkers alike for that very purpose. This year’s festival dominated Washington Street for six straight hours, ensuring their 2017 festival will be another highly anticipated event.

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