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5 Tips for a Cozy Commute

We’re known in New Jersey for our traffic and nightmare commutes, and it only gets more difficult as a winter chill fills the air. The cold temperatures make it more difficult to stay comfortable. The cold can make you feel much more like snuggling up in bed than trekking out to your job, so here are some top tips to help ensure you have a cozy commute:

  1. Bring your creature comforts on the road. Don’t forget to take the time to make your favorite coffee and bring a little extra for the road. Mixing in a seasonal flavor to your cup like pumpkin spice or peppermint mocha can add that touch of autumnal indulgence that warms your spirit as well as your body.
  2. Get creative with clothing layers. This time of year, wearing layers are essential. Pick a sweater or sweatshirt that makes you feel cozy and can easily double up as a pillow, headrest or even extra support for your back on the drive.
  3. Noise reduction is essential. For those of us that travel by bus and train, noise reduction is a must. Unfortunately, we can’t always count on the politeness of other commuters and ear plugs help keep external noise to a minimum. If you can still hear too much with ear plugs, try downloading a “white noise” app on your phone for talkative fellow travelers. It also helps if you want to get a little shuteye.
  4. Always bring a physical book. Ebooks are convenient but not so great when your phone battery has run out, and you are stuck on a long commute with nothing to do. Always have a backup paper book with you to ensure your commute is more comfortable. For those commuting by car, audiobooks are a great way to wake up your mind on your way into the office.
  5. Enjoy the view. Though commuting surely has its drawbacks, enjoying the beautiful sunrise and sunsets daily is a great way to feel comfortable and enhance your mood. Before you know it snow, ice and extreme weather will be the most common elements of your commute so keep in mind that New Jersey foliage is at its peak and cherish the red, orange and golden leaves on your way to work!