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The Best New Jersey Athletes: Myles Powell

Myles Powell is one of college basketball’s most prolific scorers. He has the ability to heat up from deep and carry his offense for an entire game. Even before donning the royal and white at Seton Hall, Powell made a name for himself at Trenton Catholic Academy. A leader both on and off the court, he is one of The Best New Jersey Athletes.

This star player is no stranger to leadership roles. Despite hardship at home, he continues to maintain a positive attitude that inspires both his family and his team. In fact, he wants to be the first person in his family to graduate from college. Beyond that, he is hoping to be the first player to lead the Seton Hall Pirates to a National Championship.

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Powell drew attention after joining the 2,000 points club and ranking 81st in ESPN’s Top 100 recruiting class of 2016. Offers started pouring in from The University of Connecticut, University of Pittsburgh, and Georgetown, as well as St. Josephs University; but when it came down to decision time, Myles Powell joined the Seton Hall Pirates. His time and success at Seton Hall will have sports fans talking for years to come.

Myles Powell Through the Years:

Freshman (2016-17) – Coming in as a freshman, neither Powell nor his team knew what to expect. However, he soon became a key piece of the Pirates offense, even from their bench. As Seton Hall’s “sixth man,” Powell was soon leading all bench players with 10.7 ppg. In fact, he led all freshmen on his team in field goal percentage and was 3rd in 3-point percentage. Despite this strong showing, Seton Hall ended their season with a 21-12 record and a first round NCAA knockout.

Sophomore (2017-18) – Myles Powell further refined his skills during his second year, proving himself a top talent in college basketball. His hard work paid off, earning him the Big East’s Most Improved Player award. Now a full time starter, Powell was averaging 15.5 ppg, with 3 assists. This year the team finished 22-12 during the season, pushing to the second round of the NCAA tournament before exiting.

Myles Powell on the court

Junior (2018-19) – By his third year, Powell was finding his footing as the team’s leader. He was averaging a career best 23.1 ppg, 3 assists, and 4 rebounds, as well as 2 steals per game. (All either a career high or matching a career high.) Powell was named to both the All-Big East First team and All-Big East Tournament First team; and was also a mid-season Wooden Award Candidate. Despite his strong showing, Seton Hall had an overall down year, mostly due to injuries. As a result, they finished 20-14 on the season and received an early first round knockout.

Senior (2019-20) – Myles Powell is wrapping up his final year with the Seton Hall Pirates, and things are looking good. The team’s record sits at 20-7 right now, and they are on pace for another NCAA Tournament run. Meanwhile, Powell currently averages 21.3 ppg , 14th best in the nation. Likewise, he is among the top 20 Wooden Award Candidates, with the chance to be a potential finalist. Early NBA draft projections suggest he will be the 58th overall pick, and heading to the Toronto Raptors.

A Lasting Legacy

As he wraps his final year at Seton Hall, Myles Powell is leaving behind a lasting college basketball legacy; in particular, his impressive stats include being 13th all time in scoring in the Big East (with 4 games left). He is also 26th in ppg average, 32nd in 3pt percentage, and 4th in 3pt field goal makes. Since joining the Pirates, the team’s average points per game has increased; for instance, the four years prior to Myles Powell joining, the team averaged 69 ppg. However, during his four years playing they averaged 75 ppg. This leaves little doubt about his impact on the court.

Hero (Top) Photo: © Seton Hall Pirates / Website
Other Photo Courtesy: Seton Hall Pirates / Website

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