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Summer Happy Hour Comes to Fort Lee Town Center

Residents and visitors have one more reason to look forward to summer in Fort Lee, Bergen County. The Business District Alliance of Fort Lee (BDA) is sponsoring the Summer Happy Hour event starting June 24. The program helps promote businesses in Fort Lee’s business district, otherwise known as Fort Lee Town Center. For shoppers, however, it’s a chance to grab different discounts at a variety of stores.

The event runs Mondays – Fridays, from June 24 through August 30. Overall, there are over 40 participating businesses – from restaurants and boutiques to beauty salons – all offering special discounts and deals.

Fort Lee BDA wants people to know they can take advantage of Fort Lee’s thriving Town Center. “The purpose of this event is to get people coming to and walking in the Fort Lee business district during the summertime,” says Stuart Koperweis, executive director of Fort Lee Business District Alliance. “We want people to go into these establishments to try new things at a discount. They can shop, eat, drink, and be happy in Fort Lee’s Town Center.”

Summer Happy Hour Heats Up Fort Lee Town Center

As for the deals and discounts, they include discounted drinks at the bar at City Perch from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm, Monday to Thursday. Then there’s a deal for 20% off clothing at Boutique Luxe from Noon to 3:00 pm, Monday to Wednesday. In addition, you can get a manicure/pedicure at Fabulous Nails for $23 Monday to Thursday from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm. Of course, this is just a sample of what Summer Happy Hour specials are on offer. Click here for the full list of deals.

The Fort Lee BDA is a nonprofit organization, in partnership with the borough of Fort Lee. Their mission is to revitalize and promote the Main Street Shopping Corridor. “Our goal is to help retailers grow,” says Koperweis. “We want people to recognize that Fort Lee is a great place to walk around, shop, and dine.”

Summer Happy Hour is only one of many special events Fort Lee’s Town Center hosts. Particularly, the BDA holds six retail programs throughout the year. For example, their “Frosty Hour” specials take place in the winter, featuring discounts on services at participating businesses. Similarly, Chic Week is a program in May that promotes beauty and boutique businesses in advance of Mother’s Day. “The Chic Week response was positive,” says Koperweis. “Retailers saw new people coming in and loved the response.”

There is already a plan for what’s next after Summer Happy Hour concludes. Fort Lee Restaurant Week will run from September 23 to 29, offering discounts and prix-fixe menus at local restaurants. A celebrity chef kickoff will even be held on September 24.

For details on participating businesses, specials, and trunk shows, visit the Fort Lee BDA’s website or email office@bdaftlee.com.

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