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Helpful Tips for Moving to a New Home

Moving to a new home soon and already feeling behind schedule? The multitude of tasks related to moving can be overwhelming for many new homeowners. From hunting down boxes to wrapping delicate dishes to sorting through years of accumulated stuff, there are many important details to manage. Choosing the right moving company to transport your belongings is an essential part of the process. We asked Ross Sapir, President and CEO of Roadway Moving, for his expert advice to help relieve the stress of moving. Here he offers useful tips on selecting a company, packing up your home, preparing for moving day and more.


Ask the Right Questions

It’s important to know which questions to ask potential vendors when hiring the moving company for your big day. Sapir suggests the following key questions:
-Are you licensed and insured?
-Do you have references from previous customers who are willing to speak with me?
-Is there background information on the movers provided?
-How do you charge customers? Are your estimates binding?
Sapir encourages consumers to check online reviews before deciding whether to work with a specific company and to only work with those that provide binding estimates onsite.


Plan Ahead

Advance preparation is essential to ensuring a successful move. Before you start packing, try to consolidate your possessions. Go through your house room by room and divide everything into keep, sell, donate and throw out piles. Collect and buy all the packing materials that you’ll need. Accomplishing this ahead of time will help avoid a last-minute scramble for items such as packing tape and bubble wrap. Measure and record the size of your new place so you know what will fit where.
No change of residence is complete in a day so schedule the time off you’ll need in advance. When it comes to packing, many hands make for light work. Draft your friends or family with the promise of free pizza and beer. And make sure to schedule babysitters for your children or pets to give them a fun day away from the activity and increase your productivity.


The Big Day

With moving day quickly approaching, finish packing your belongings safely and securely. “Have a list of the super important boxes that need to go in and be opened first,” notes Sapir. Another great hack for ease of box placement is to use colored labels to code boxes for specific rooms. If you’re moving from or to an apartment complex, he stresses finding out which elevator you can use to bring your boxes up and down. If a service elevator is required, you will need to secure access to it.
Set aside time to clean your new home so that it is move-in ready when you and your belongings arrive. On moving day, be present to direct and oversee the process. Provide a floor plan to the movers and be ready to check the inventory they provide. Make sure all important documents and an overnight bag are packed separately so you don’t have to dig through boxes to find important items like medication.


Extra TLC

If you own items such as precious art, heirlooms and antiques that require special handling and crating, you may want to consider lining up experts. Roadway Moving offers elite white glove service to ensure your delicate items arrive safe and sound. Their movers are trained to handle everything from wine to musical instruments and will take care of packing, unpacking and cleaning up. Whether your move is hands-on or hands-off, these tips will help make moving day an organized and happy one.

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