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5 Fun Earth Day Projects for NJ Kids

It’s time to celebrate our Mother Earth. Looking for some fun ways to honor the planet on April 22nd, aka Earth Day? Spend some time outdoors and enjoy nature with these hands-on Earth Day projects perfect for families. We’ve rounded up five great ways to get kids busy while teaching them to love and respect the Earth.

Fostering that relationship in a fun way now means continuing to embrace the planet and all it does for us in the future.

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Take a Photo Scavenger Hunt

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A scavenger hunt is a great way to get outdoors and explore nature. Visit your favorite park or take a walk around your neighborhood. Print out a list and ask your kids to take pictures as they find each item. This allows them to engage their senses of touch, smell and sight. Have them squat down to get up close with the grass, plants and bugs. Check out the trees, shrubs and budding flowers. Look for nests, rabbit holes and other signs of animal life.

Remind your children of the importance of nature and how they can help by taking good care of it.

Get Digging in the Dirt

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Most kids probably think their fruits and vegetables come from the grocery store. Take them to your local garden center and spin the rack of seeds. Get them involved by picking out a fruit, vegetable or edible flower they can take home to plant. They’ll love digging in the dirt and helping you plant the seeds. Talk to them about how the soil, sun and water work together to grow the seed into something delicious that will end up on their plates.

Prepare a Healthy Lunch Together

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Once the seeds are planted and watered, get your kids involved in making a healthy salad. Crisp baby spinach, crunchy cucumbers and grape tomatoes are all great choices. Set up an at-home salad bar with lots of colorful options to choose from and let them create their own plates. Older kids can help with washing and chopping too. They’ll love playing chef for the day and you’ll love the healthy meal. Win win!

Tap into their Artistic Side

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Nature-themed Earth Day art projects put kids up close and personal with their favorite animals and plants. Budding Picassos can sink their fingers into primary colors and mix them up to make the colors of the rainbow. Need some inspiration? Ask them to paint their favorite bird, tree or a picture of something they spotted on the scavenger hunt. They can even write a little story to go along with their artwork as a special remembrance of Earth Day.

Spend Time in Nature

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New Jersey is home to many beautiful gardens and arboretums that are open to the public. Visit the one closest to you and spend some time exploring the outdoors. Many Garden State arboretums feature easy hiking trails that are perfect for little legs. Wander through the grounds and check out the local flora and fauna along the way. There’s no better way to enjoy Earth Day than by getting outside and being in nature!