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5 Pro Tips for Throwing a Valentine’s Day Wedding

Valentine’s Day is, without a doubt, one of the most romantic days of the year. Between go-to hallmarks of love like flowers, chocolates and champagne, really, how could you possibly go wrong? So, it’s only fitting that a Valentine’s Day wedding is the perfect way to heighten an already amorous affair.

“A Valentine’s Day wedding is always romantic and memorable,” says Lindsay Jani, owner and executive director of Simply Sunshine Events in Hoboken, New Jersey. “The holiday exudes romance like no other! It also gives everyone something to look forward to after the rush of the holidays in the colder months of the year.”

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Just be wary of indulging too heavily in decorations that could leave your guests wondering if you’ve robbed the local Hallmark store. And if you’re working with a smaller budget, steer clear of having your wedding on the actual holiday since venue prices are higher.

“It’s so easy to get trapped in the mindset of hearts, cupid’s arrow, red roses and chocolates,” says Jani. “But there’s beauty in simplicity. Decorate with a limited color palette. Avoid forcing hearts into the décor. If there isn’t a purpose for everything, it’s probably better left behind.”

Here are Jani’s 5 favorite ways to keep things classy if cupid decides to strike when her brides and grooms say “I do.”

Flowers for Favors

“Everyone loves to receive flowers, so why not thank your guests by giving them something they will want to keep? To take it a step further, place a tag with your wedding monogram and a quick note of thanks on the back.”

A World of Color

“Instead of going all red or pink, layer colors close to one another on the color wheel for textured floral
décor. It’s always a timeless, beautiful look. If you’re going with pinks and reds, punch it up with touches of gold throughout!”

Dress to Impress

“You are granted permission to get a bit more creative with a holiday wedding. Bridal attire now comes in blush tones which are beautiful on an equally blushing bride. Pink dresses look fantastic on a number of different skin tones for bridesmaids and are generally worn again versus just one time.”

Dim the Lights

“Decorate with lots and lots of candles. They’re incredible way to jazz up a table, a corner or a ceremony space. You can never have enough and everybody looks amazing in candlelight.”

Sweet Sentiments

“There’s nothing better than a dessert plate for guests to graze on while the cake is served. Not everyone is a fan of cake but different sweets will be a crowd-pleaser. Feel free to coordinate reds and pinks on these confectionary delights. Sometimes [the visual] is as amazing as the taste itself!”

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