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Labor Day NJ: The Best Weekend Events in New Jersey

The history of Labor Day dates back to the 1880s; with trade unions increasing their numbers in America, workers wanted a way to celebrate their efforts. While there are those that still debate the exact history of the holiday — some credit Secretary of the Central Labor Union Matthew Maguire with proposing a National holiday honoring workers, while others claim American Federation of Labor Leader Peter J. McGuire was the first to propose the idea — it’s purpose remains clear.

NJ Events: Labor Day in JerseyLabor day is a celebration of the American workforce that simultaneously, unofficially, traditionally marks the end of summer. In New Jersey, the holiday weekend is full of fireworks, festivals and many other types of outdoor events. In fact, there’s no shortage of fun activities going on in the Garden State in honor of hard workers everywhere. That’s why we’re rounding up our favorites from all across New Jersey in one big feature.

Here are the best Labor Day weekend events going on in New Jersey!

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The top photo for this story depicts an aircraft worker of the Vega Aircraft Corporation, in Burbank, Calif. In the photo, she is checking electrical assemblies. This is part of the Library of Congress (LOC) photo collection found on Flickr. David Bransby was the photographer and the photo was taken in 1939.

Hero (Top) Feature Image: © David Bransby / Flickr

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