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Best of NJ Gift Guide: Stress Relieving Presents for Workaholics

We all know a person who fits the bill: Someone who spends long hours at the office. Work is their life, whether by choice or no fault of their own. So this holiday, gift the workaholics on your list presents that will help wash away the stress and woes of another never-ending day on the job. Here are our top gift suggestions for workaholics.

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Deep kneading massage pillow

presents, workaholicsPrice: $29.95
Details: This massage pillow features four rotating massage nodes that go deep into the back or neck. It will loosen tight muscles and help release stress, aches, knots and tension. The pillow’s gentle warmth will help any workaholic unwind even after the longest of days, or anytime they’re sitting in an office chair, lounging at home or commuting in the car. The corded hand control switches the massage from clockwise to counter-clockwise.
Where to Buy: Amazon

Tear-apart referee stress doll

presents, workaholicsPrice:: $19.99
Details: When the going gets tough at the office (or during the game they’re trying to enjoy afterward), your workaholic can blow off some steam on this doll. The referee doll has a pull-apart head, arms and legs. He can just as easily be reassembled, too. As a bonus, it’s machine washable.
Where to Buy: Bed Bath & Beyond

Chakra bath salts set

presents, workaholicsPrice: $22
Details: Chakras represent the seven specific energy centers in the body. Addressing each point is thought to provide inner peace and balance. This Shea butter bath salt set will help bring a balanced sense of calm to a post-work soak. The set features seven blends with essential oils that are tinted with all-natural micas. Scents include lavender, eucalyptus, rosemary, peppermint and sandalwood.
Where to Buy: Uncommon Goods

Footbath with bubbles and heat

presents, workaholicsPrice: $27.99
Details: Treat your workaholic’s tired, aching feet to instant, soothing relief courtesy of this relaxing foot spa. The massage nodes on the base and splash guard provide a gentle massage, along with the bubbles, to create a soothing experience. It comes with one pinpoint massage attachment. The footbath also features a toe-touch control to easily turn on different features.
Where to Buy: Staples

Write it down, let it go Journal

presents, workaholics
Price: $14.95
Details: Let your workaholic relieve stress via the written word. This journal features plenty of space to jot down thoughts (or angry rants about the day’s workload), a soothing color palette and even some inspiring quotes. It can also be used to document brilliant ideas, meaningful musings and elaborate brainstorming.
Where to Buy: Papyrus

Stress Relief Candle

presents, workaholicsPrice: $12.50
Details: This blend of soy-based wax and wicks won’t burn out, and melts evenly and consistently. It radiates enough fragrance to fill an entire room. It’s topped with a decorative lid which makes it perfectly giftable. The candle burns for 25 to 45 hours.
Where to Buy: Bath & Body Works

Stress Relief Tea

presents, workaholics
Price: $4.89 (1 box, 16 tea bags)
Details: Let your workaholic unwind with a warm and soothing cup of Kava Stress Relief tea. Many use Kava for its ability to calm the body and mind, and promote a good night’s sleep. (What workaholic will say no to a gift that boosts their performance at work the next day!) This tea also has cinnamon and sarsaparilla (a tropical plant) for warmth and spice. The added Carob pod gives it a rich flavor.
Where to Buy: Yogi

Head massager

presents, workaholicsPrice: $4.99
Details: Sometimes stress just goes right to your head. This copper head massager reduces tension by stimulating sensitive nerves in the scalp. The soothing tool helps increase blood circulation, too. To use, simply place the tip’s flexible rods onto the scalp. Then, just gently move back and forth over the scalp. People might look at you funny while you’re using it, but you can just tell them to get back to work.
Where to Buy: Bloomingdales

Holiday Pajamas shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath

presents, workaholicsPrice: $18
Details: Your workaholic will feel like they’re wrapped in their favorite flannel jammies when they use this limited-edition shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath combo. It’s infused with a warm comforting scent. It also cleanses and conditions, leaving hair and skin with scents of coconut, black cherry, cotton flower, almond milk and sandalwood.
Where to Buy: Nordstrom