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Have a Kid-Friendly Fourth of July Party

The Fourth of July has become synonymous with backyard barbecues and cold brewskies. But Independence Day can also be the perfect holiday to celebrate with a neighborhood party or a big family gathering. So, rather than leaving the kids at home with a babysitter, why not add food, crafts and games the whole family will love?

“The Fourth of July is an adult holiday but it is possible to make it fun for kids,” says event planner Christine Cusano, owner of Events by CC, LLC. “You can do a little parade or have adults set off firecrackers when it gets dark to make it kid and adult-friendly. It’s a good opportunity to teach your kids about Independence Day. Plus, there’s nothing better than celebrating with family!”

Here are Cusano’s top 5 tips for a kid-friendly patriotic party.

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Dress Code

Let your kids dress themselves — with some guidance to stick with the theme, of course. “It can obviously be red, white and blue color-themed,” Cusano says. “You can have everybody come dressed in red, white and blue clothes. That would be really fun for kids.”

Let the Games Begin!

Keep the youngest guests occupied. “With kids, it would be all about the games. You could do relay races. Or you could bob for apples,” she says. “You could have red, white and blue balloons and see who can pop the most balloons.”

American as Apple Pie

Good news: Food that’s traditionally considered all-American is also very kid-friendly! “You can do an all-American themed menu. I would do hot dogs, hamburgers, Cracker Jacks. You could do apple pie or berry pie,” says Cusano. “You could make a flag cake for the party with blueberries and strawberries. Or you could do frozen strawberries and cut them in half and put blue or red Jell-O in them to make fun, alcohol-free strawberry shots.”

Kid Cocktails

Juice boxes are delicious — but not exactly festive. “You could make kid cocktails by serving Sprite and adding blue grenadine. Then put red raspberries or strawberries in the drink. You could also do red or blue non-alcoholic frozen drinks with food coloring or add red, white and blue fruit to incorporate Fourth of July colors.”

One for the Road

Keep ’em busy with cute DIY favors. “Set sugar cookies up on a table so that the kids can decorate them with red, white and blue icing. Or glue Popsicle sticks together in a rectangle. Then have each kid paint their own red, white and blue American flag. That would be a cute keepsake for them to take home afterwards.”

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