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PROSE Offers Pampered Pedicures & More in Florham Park

You may get manicures and pedicures regularly and know the drill; some filing here, some buffing there, moisturizer, maybe a hot stone. But PROSE, a new boutique in Florham Park, takes pampering to the next level. PROSE has multiple locations throughout the United States, but this is their first PROSE boutique on the east coast.

PROSE Developer Mark Strulowitz chose Florham Park as the flagship location for NJ due to its central location; it also fits with long term plans to develop other PROSE boutiques throughout the state. Of course, the community is close-knit and home to many premier businesses and retailers. All of these factors made the location attractive to Strulowitz.

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Beyond A Boutique

But PROSE is more than just manicure and pedicure maintenance; it’s hand and foot poetry, hence the name PROSE. The boutique offers manicures and pedicures for women, men, and children. In addition, guests can upgrade the treatment with gel polish, anti-aging masques, detox masques and more.

After listening and learning from countless peers, PROSE founder and CEO Dave Crisalli says he knows these parts deserve better. He wants to care for you in healthier ways. In other words, he wants to offer a more thoughtful experience that transforms your hands and feet, plus your day.

That’s why at PROSE, beauty alone isn’t enough. They want services and products to nourish, renew, and inspire. To do so, PROSE provides thoughtful touch points like complimentary ring cleaning, healthy refreshments, phone chargers, and hooks for purses. They use world-class products from brands such as Margaret Dabbs London, CND, and Deborah Lippmann.

The PROSE team recognizes that a healthy, clean environment is paramount for the safety and well-being of guests. As such, they are committed to the highest standards of cleanliness and safety. They take great care to sanitize and disinfect all boutiques.

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Style Your Way

When it comes to nail options, they offer more than 200 colors. You can even mix and match as they nourish, strengthen, protect and breathe new life into your hands and feet.

The team at PROSE is also great with kids. They can help combat habits like nail biting while helping kids understand and develop their own healthy nail care routine. The boutique believes teaching kids proper hand and foot care will set them up for a healthier future.

PROSE offers membership options to fit the needs of their guests. To start, members get the choice of a manicure or pedicure at the same price. They also get retail discounts and services that can be shared with friends and family, rollover unused services and more. In addition, members get significant savings over walk-in prices at any PROSE location.

Visit PROSE at the Crescent Center in Florham Park. For more info, visit their website or click here to call.

Images: © My Prose Boutiques / Facebook

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