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om.life Brings Floatation Therapy to Jersey City

“It was my goal to create a sanctuary away from the craziness of the world,” says Anand Sukhadia, om.life Wellness Spa’s founder and director.

Resting along Jersey City’s waterfront, less than a block away from the busy Marin Boulevard stop on the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail, om.life does just that. Visitors enter an oasis of tranquility.

“The more we take care of ourselves, the more loving we become and the more we can change the world for the better.”

Floatation Therapy

One of the spa’s most popular services is floatation therapy. Guests will float in a sensory deprivation tank — no light or sound, although om.life’s tanks have options for both, if guests prefer — for 90 minutes. There’s also time to shower before and after the float.

The tank’s 10-inch-deep water is set to 93.5 degrees, filtered and cleaned of chlorine and heavy metals, and combined with diluted Epsom salt to create a zero-gravity experience that allows guests to drift into a deep relaxation.

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It’s a favorite practice of athletes and artists for years. Now, Sukhadia and his team aim to make floatation therapy accessible to everyone.

Floatation Therapy’s Effects

“Floating helps with concussions and can help with PTSD and trauma relief; it’s a form of therapy and spiritual development,” he says.

“These services really help our guests develop a sense of calmness. As a result, their relationships improve and they can see the gratitude, see the blessings in their lives.”

Since opening its doors six months ago, om.life has welcomed more than 1,150 guests.

Many have become regulars, including licensed psychotherapist Colby L. Wuillermin, who practices in Jersey City and the Jersey Shore.

“My line of work requires me to give a lot of myself day in and out, and floating aids in centering and relaxing me. It has reduced my stress level significantly and has aided me in feeling more calm and present overall,” she says.

“I recommend floating to my patients, as well. Research supports its mental and emotional health benefits, and it is a deeply grounding and beautifully meditative experience.”

Helen Maroulis, a freestyle wrestler who took home gold in the 2016 Rio Olympics, finds other benefits from floatation.

“I suffered a concussion competing overseas and when I came back to the United States I was desperate for any relief from my symptoms,” says Maroulis. “I saw the om.life ad in the PATH train station and called the next day.”

“Anand and the staff took great care of me and the float greatly helped relieve my concussion symptoms and to help relax me.”

om.life’s Offerings

Other services offered at om.life include: whole body cryotherapy, which can help with muscle repair and chronic pain, among other things; the infrared sauna, which helps relax muscles, detox the body and purify skin; the NormaTec Recovery System, which uses compressed air to massage limbs, increase circulation and speed recovery; shamanic spiritual and life guidance; and massage therapy using CBD Clinic oils, which are a natural anti-inflammatory and beneficial for a range ailments, from autoimmune issues to anxiety.

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Sukhadia will soon add holistic health and lifestyle coaching to the menu of items. The plan is to take guests on a journey to wellness through exploration of the entire individual, from eating habits to financial health.

While its services are the main draw initially, om.life has built a reputation for itself by immersing its guests in an environment of calm, reflective energy.

om.life’s Energy

Guests are greeted by botanical art when entering the space. It was designed with natural light, fresh airflow and noise reduction in mind. This allows every guest to experience his or her treatments in the safest, most soothing environment possible.

“It took two years of planning and a year to build out,” says Sukhadia. Also worth noting, a crystal consultant helped maximize positive energy and a feng shui expert blessed the space.

But what truly sets om.life apart is its people and the connections they form with each other.

Sukhadia and his team build relationships with their guests, treating each of them like family.

om.life, flotation therapy“We invite all our guests to spend some time in our tea lounge, where like-minded souls can come together to reconnect with people,” Sukhadia says.

Strangers bond over their experiences at the spa. A float journal also offers a continuous, permanent record of individual responses to floatation therapy.

“I love human interaction and we have amazing people — humble people — looking to better themselves. This is not just a transaction for us,” he says.

“We want to help heal our guests so they can go out into the world and share their light.”

om.life Wellness Spa is located at 18 Park Ave., Suite 2A, in Jersey City. Visit om.life or call 201-206-0009 for more information. Please note that the spa is not open on Tuesdays.