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Yes, Soup for You! Marc’s Cheesecake Offers Weekly Soup Club

When you hear the word “cheesecake,” you think of dessert. But Glen Rock locals know that when someone mentions Marc’s Cheesecake, there’s more than just dessert on their mind; it means it’s time to order lunch. The sweet spot on Rock Road now hosts a weekly soup club that’s just what the doctor ordered on frigid cold days; and we’re not talking exotic cheesecake-flavored soups, either.

“Year-round, we sell cheesecake, cookie dough and ice cream, which are all comfort foods. And now that the weather is getting colder, it only makes sense to extend our comfort offerings to the freshly made soups that I grew up on,” explains Marc Silverberg, owner and chef at Marc’s Cheesecake.

Marc started making cheesecakes back in 1987 in Jerusalem, where he also offered a selection of soups, sandwiches and quiche. When he moved back to his home state of New Jersey, he founded Marc’s Cheesecake in Clifton in 1994. Since then, he has developed a huge following of customers that have followed him to his new location in Glen Rock, NJ.

Marc told Best of NJ that the soup menu is decided on Sunday and announced via email to club members. Members then respond with their order for a quart or more. Pickup every week is on friday.

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The weekly pickup idea for the soup club came as a result of trial and error. “It also saves on food waste. When we regularly made soup last year, it sometimes went to waste. This way we can make only what is ordered,” Marc explained.

As for what’s on the menu, Marc looks to the season for inspiration. “For late fall and holiday, we had a harvest bisque. It’s a vegetarian soup with acorn squash, butternut squash, maple syrup, ginger and white wine. It’s an excellent soup. For jewish holidays, matzo ball soup was a favorite.”

Past soup club dishes have included a spicy sausage and bean soup, and one chock full of shawarma-spiced lamb with chickpeas, spinach, coriander, cardamom, cumin and garlic.

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Marc’s Cheesecake also takes requests for new soups. “We try to get everyone’s favorites on the list,” Marc said.

Soups from Marc’s Cheesecake are $12 a quart. Those interested in joining the soup club can do so by calling the store at 201-857-0880, or by sending a message via the website’s Contact page.