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Turf Surf and Earth Serves Plant-Based Menu in Somerville

New restaurants often evoke current trends, changing with the times to suit the interests of patrons. So it’s no surprise many spots opening today focus on serving health-conscious foods that appeal to adventurous diners. Such is the thought behind Turf Surf and Earth in Somerville, a fast-casual eatery serving plant-based dishes.

In addition to the health-minded menu, the team hopes their guests feel something unique when dining with them. “We chose Somerville because it’s such an up-and-coming, charming and friendly town,” says owner Byron Salazar. “There also isn’t another restaurant in Somerville that offers a plant-based menu. So we wanted to provide those options for the town since the plant-based market is growing.”

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The 2,700-square-foot restaurant can seat 72 indoors and 12 people on its outdoor patio. “Our decor is bright, clean and inviting,” says Salazar, adding that their signature colors are blue, grey, and white. “We also love succulents and plants, so we have many of those throughout our space.”

The Turf Surf and Earth Experience

Turf Surf and Earth PatioThe first step when placing an order is to choose a turf, surf or earth item from the menu. Turf fare includes an Angus burger, grass-fed burger, organic beef patty, chicken, or a turkey burger. As for Surf options, they include salmon, tilapia, and shrimp.

Meanwhile, Earth items include dishes derived solely from plants that eliminate the use of all animal products. In fact, the restaurant states their Earth menu is “healthy, sustainable and compassionate,” in their mission statement. These options range from falafel and tofu to a Beyond burger and lentil mushroom burger. Of course, even the sauces and dressings have no dairy or eggs, to complete each dish.

Next, patrons select a serving style (all of which are 100 percent plant-based). For example, you can order your meal over white, brown or Spanish rice; or over a mix of greens and rice. Finally, diners choose a flavor style such as Mediterranean (lettuce, pico, tahini, hummus, and cucumbers); or mushroom Swiss (sautéed mushrooms and Swiss cheese).

Turf Surf and Earth recommends menu highlights like the grilled salmon Baja style served over Spanish rice. Additional signature dishes include the falafel (Mediterranean flavor style) with pita, and Earth Chick’n (Mexican flavor style) on a taco.

Plant-based menu sample

If none of the dishes on their menu strike your fancy, you can also build your own dish. The team will customize any order to mix and match your flavor and food preferences. Click here to see the full menu.

Turf Surf and Earth is located at 46 East Main Street in Somerville. For more info, visit their website or give them call.

All Photos: © Turf Surf and Earth / Facebook


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