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Toasty Gourmet Eatery & Café Takes Toast to the Next Level

Smearing butter on your toast is yesterday’s news. At Toasty Gourmet Eatery & Café in Westwood, you’ll find toast that’s well beyond basic. The signature dish at this artisan café is, as you can guess, toast. But these “pieces of art” are made from unique breads with all sorts of toppings. For example, a mix of gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, and Pescatarian breads are available.

The idea for Toasty comes from owners Fares Horchani and Mohamed Ali Ben Ammar, who are both foodies. The way they see it, toasts are a new and up-and-coming food trend. “There is no specific way you need to make a toast,” says general manager Jeff Kuczynski. “It’s a blank canvas.”

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Here’s To Gourmet Toast

Menu Items from ToastyThe spot, open since May, relies on Executive Chef Angeles Dubose to enhance its menu with her input and vision. Jeff says the Johnson & Wales grad excels at her craft, bringing Toasty to life with gorgeous presentation and technique.

Among those crafts are 12 signature lunch toasts. Jeff tells us the most popular one is the “Basic Not Boring” toast; It’s an avocado puree topped with a poached egg and Cabot cheddar on brioche. “A lot of people come in and ask for a common, traditional avocado toast,” he says. “This is our version of that standard avocado toast.”

Other popular options include “Gangnam Style” (Korean bulgogi short rib with Southern kale greens and green apple slaw on cornbread). Meanwhile, “Super Vegan Goddess” offers celery tofu salad with veganaise, eggplant bacon, avocado, and cucumber on bird bread. (Which is homemade, vegetarian and gluten free.) Then there’s the “Mahalo,” which is ahi tuna on a bed of Thai mango salsa and avocado puree, with soy ginger sauce on brioche.

They even have a few breakfast options at Toasty. The “Wake Up Happy,” for example, is made with sweet potato hummus and a sunny-side up egg; with Aleppo pepper flakes, arugula and roasted red peppers on everything bread.

If none of those choices warm your bread, you can also build your own toast. All you need to do is pick a bread, choose a base spread, and add sweet or savory toppings. You can also select a protein like chicken, bacon, or tuna.

There’s More to the Menu at Toasty

Even if you don’t want toast, they offer pastries like homemade gluten-free and vegetarian glazed donuts. They also have peanut butter and jelly pop tarts.

As for the drink menu, Toasty serves seasonal juices, smoothies, and “smoothie bowls” (thicker versions of smoothies with playful toppings). Otherwise, you can order sustainably sourced, single origin coffee.

Toasty serves both lunch and breakfast, with delivery available via Uber Eats and DoorDash. In addition, they offer on-site and off-premises catering for events. The eatery can seat about 20 to 25 comfortably, with seasonal outdoor seating as well.


When you visit, you can expect top notch service in a comfortable setting. “The amazing staff is not just a team, they’re a family,” Jeff says. The interior mimics what the word toasty means—pleasantly or comfortably warm. It aims to be a place where guests can gather to enjoy a tasty meal. Jeff describes it as “rustic and homey with a cozy farmhouse look.”

You can find Toasty Gourmet Eatery & Café at 262 Center Avenue in Westwood. To learn more, visit their website or give them a call.

All Photos: © Toasty Eatery / Instagram

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