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Tito’s Mexican Street Eats Now Open in Garfield

The new Tito’s Mexican Street Eats restaurant in Garfield is the product of two longtime friends with a shared dream; they wanted to start a business and bring people together through a unique food experience. In particular, they serve up low-cost meals using the bold and robust flavors of Mexican Street foods. But despite the price, you can expect to walk away happy (and full).

Tito and Vishnu have been friends since college, and part of the restaurant business for more than a decade. Vishnu, the mastermind behind the recipes, wanted a small, fresh scratch kitchen with authentic fare. “I love their work ethic and passion,” says co-owner Anand Desai, who helped the friends bring Tito’s to life. “I’m so happy to be part of their dream.”

“The idea and concept are to have a full meal under $15,” Desai explains. Everything is fresh, flavorful, and handmade; in fact, they don’t even have a freezer because of the scratch kitchen. “It’s easy food,” he adds. “You come in, eat, and you’re on your way.”

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Beat Feet to Tito’s for Mexican Street Eats

At Tito’s Mexican Street Eats, items come in healthy portion sizes and are meant to be eaten street style. However, takeout and delivery is still an option for those who can’t dine-in. “Though it’s not near as good as if you’re eating it fresh and live, it travels really well,” Desai says.

Tito’s sports a fun vibe with colorful splashes of yellow, purple, red, and green; they can seat 16 guests in the 1,500-square-foot space. Meanwhile, they offer outdoor seating for about 14 on their makeshift sidewalk patio. (Keep in mind, though, that they don’t take reservations.)

Carne Asada Burrito

Street Meat & More that Can’t be Beat

The number-one selling item at Tito’s is carne asade, thanks to their blend of marinade and seasoning. It’s such a big hit, in fact, you can order it in a taco, fajita, quesadilla, or burrito; you can even get it on your salad or nachos. Aside from that, other favorites include tacos as well as various fish and pork dishes. Then there are the plantain tacos, one of the newest additions to the menu.

“We’ve had a lot of repeat customers,” Desai tells us. “Once people try our food, they come back. That shows us that we’re doing the right thing for the right reasons.”

Likewise, vegetarians and vegans will find a lot to love; the cooks will customize your order to fit with your dietary restrictions. Similarly, gluten-free guests can order items made with corn tortillas or corn chips. Chicken tinga or carne asada on a corn tortilla are both gluten free options, for example. Click here to see the full menu.

Pork Pastor Taco

Though there is no kids’ menu, there are plenty of kid-friendly options. “Kids go nuts for Mexican cheese poppers,” Desai says.

You can visit Tito’s Mexican Street Eats at 11 Outwater Lane in Garfield. To learn about their hours, menu, and more, click here to visit their website or click here to call.

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