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The Cookie Connect Fuses Fun & Flavor Into Creative Dessert

No matter what time or day of the week it is, it’s the right time for a cookie. The Cookie Connect isn’t a new name in the cookie biz, they’ve been making waves since early 2017; but after opening a successful shop in Bloomfield, they are now bringing their decadent delights to Ridgewood.

With creative creations unlike any other bakery, this new location will soon be a Bergen County hot spot.

The Cookie Connect bakes everything fresh daily, including their standard menu of 12 cookies. (They also add new items seasonally.) In keeping with the idea that it’s always cookie o’clock somewhere, they deliver via Uber Eats and DoorDash until the wee hours of the morning. In addition, co-owner Ali Hajihaidari says national delivery will be available from Ridgewood by the end of the year.

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Perhaps the best part of the new location is the size of it. The Cookie Connect in Bloomfield is 400 square feet, so it’s take-out only. But the new Ridgewood spot is about three times larger. “Having seating in Ridgewood has provided us with the perfect opportunity to service families and groups of friends that are looking for an entertaining night out,” says Ali.

Another reason for choosing Ridgewood is the ability to deliver to more people. Ali says delivering around Bloomfield is limiting; however, from their position in Ridgewood they can deliver to the majority of Bergen County. “There is something special about the area,” Hajihaidari adds. “We’re excited to grow with the village and make it our new home.”

Sample Cookie Platter

If Heat Rises, Are Attics A Great Place to Bake Cookies?

The Cookie Connect comes from truly humble beginnings, starting in the attic of Ali’s mom’s house in 2016. The total startup cost? $200, or just enough to buy a small amount of baking supplies. Both Andrew Zerquera – the other co-owner – and Hajihaidari began baking treats in college after class. Despite going to Pace for an IT major, Ali soon made the transition to cookie creator.

“I was battling severe anxiety at the time and baking was therapeutic for me,” says Ali. As a side gig to make some cash and calm his nerves, he called his first business Milk N’ Cookies. It was a similar idea to The Cookie Connect, a late-night cookie delivery service. After graduation, he didn’t have much luck finding a job. So both he and Andrew took a vacation, planning to restart their corporate America job search afterward. As fate would have it, they came home to a flood of social media activity. That’s when they knew their search was over.

Nutella Chocolate Chip Cookie

The Reason You’re Reading This

So what sorts of crazy creations and fantastic flavors can you find at The Cookie Connect? Some of the 12 include “The Fruit Pebbz,” with Fruity-Pebbles, white chocolate chips, and a vanilla drizzle; then there’s the S’mores cookie with chocolate chips and graham cracker crumbs, topped with marshmallow fluff and chocolate drizzle. Next, the NYC Cheesecake cookie has cream cheese filling and raspberry drizzle.

If those don’t tickle your fancy, other offerings include Birthday Cake, Apple Pie, Stuffed Peanut Butter, and Cookies ‘N’ Cream. “The signature cookie is the Nutella Stuffed Chocolate Chip,” Ali tells us. “It’s the one that has gone viral online. People just love taking videos of breaking open this cookie and having Nutella stream everywhere.”

Unicorn Milk Shake
Cotton Candy Unicorn Cupcake Cup

Of course, cookies aren’t the only option at The Cookie Connect. They also make soft serve cereal shakes and cookie cups at the cereal ice cream bar. You can click here to learn more about how it works.

Finally, when you visit the Ridgewood spot, be sure to check out the walls. The Cookie Connect is home to the east coast’s first augmented reality wall in a food establishment. The creation was made by artist Gabriel D’Elia. “It’s essentially a wall that appears to be moving in real space when in actuality it’s a flat object,” Ali says. They plan to install some scanners to make the wall even more interactive.

The Cookie Connect has locations in both Ridgewood (click to call) and Bloomfield (click to call). To learn more, visit their website.

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