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The Best Gourmet S’mores & Other Treats in New Jersey

The latest update for this article was written by Lindsay Podolak.

Got a sweet tooth? One of the most fun desserts — for kids and big kids alike — is the s’more. You can make ’em at home in the oven, in the yard over a fire and you can get gourmet versions of them as well. So slip on your elastic-waisted pants, and prepare to conquer the best sweet treats in New Jersey as we take a look at the best s’mores, and more!


Where: Giorgio Pasticciere, 112 Washington Street, Hoboken
Details: There’s always a debate among cannoli enthusiasts on who has the best in the state. For more than 35 years, Giorgio Pasticcerie Italian Bakery in Hoboken has been winning crowds over with their better-than-Nonna’s homemade treats, but nothing beats the Sicilian-style cannoli. They come in a variety of flavors, but chocolate dipped is probably the fan favorite.
Why I like it: Pick up your pastry and enjoy it while strolling downtown Hoboken, a great spot for people-watching.
More Info: No website (they’re that old school) but you can call 201-792-3535.



Where: Kraverie, 24 Mercer Street, Jersey City
Details: They aren’t just for the Girl Scouts, especially when you’re visiting Kraverie in Jersey City. This unsuspecting Korean BBQ spot makes some killer crepes. Their s’mores crepe brings together marshmallow, Nutella and graham cracker in a totally chic egg crepe wrapping. If Nutella and marshmallow aren’t enough for you, feel free to add ice cream.
Why I like it: Containing the goodness of s’mores in a crepe solves the age-old problem of the oozing chocolate and marshmallow when you press the graham cracker together…brilliant!
More Info: KraverieJC.com or call 201-737-5877.

Maple Bacon Donut


Where: Montclair Bread Company, 113 Walnut Street, Montclair
Details: The $99 donut tower at Montclair Bread Company is something of a legend. Even more of a legend is their maple bacon donut. Maple-flavored dough is fried up to puffy perfection and glazed with more maple and strips of maple bacon for a sweet and salty treat that you won’t soon forget. Have your own idea for a great donut? They can make any flavor and color combo you can come up with. Shoutout to whoever invented the Fruity Pebbles donut, btw.
Why I like it: Having a birthday party? Order a 10” speciality giant donut that will delight your guests!
More Info: montclairbread.com or call 973-509-2525.

S’mores (Again)


Where: Amelia’s Bistro, 187 Warren Street, Jersey City
Details: Historic Paulus Hook in Jersey City is home to Amelia’s Bistro, which happens to be home to a Chocolate S’mores Pot de Creme. A pot of melted chocolate is topped mini marshmallows and crumbled crackers for a sweet gourmet treat that takes the campfire snack up a level.
Why I like it: Whether you dine inside or outside, add an after-dinner drink to your order. Try a Mexican Coffee or Amelia’s Hot Nutty Irishman, a mixture of Frangelico, Bailey’s Irish Cream and whipped cream.
More Info: AmeliasBistroJC on Facebook or call 201-332-2200.

Pumpkin Cheese-Filled Coffee Cake


Where: The Dessert Plate, 34 East Main Street, Suite 1, Somerville
Details: If you’re hoping to snag a slice of pumpkin cheese-filled coffee cake from The Dessert Plate in Somerville, you’ve got to be proactive. They need your order at least 3 days in advance. Yes, these cakes are THAT popular.  Coffee cakes are baked in log form and stuffed with housemade pumpkin cheesecake filling and topped with nutty good stuff. Yum!
Why I like it: Don’t despair if pumpkin isn’t your thing…perhaps the coconut custard cake or orange velvet torte will tantalize your taste buds?
More Info: Thedessertplate.com or call 908-722-9881.

Even More S’mores


Where: The Jersey S’more Company, 16 Jefferson Court, Montville
Details: The Jersey S’more Company in Montville is all about s’mores. Each handmade s’more begins with a top-secret cookie batter recipe, and is enhanced with the highest quality marshmallow. The treat is then smothered in velvety milk, dark or white chocolate. Want to customize your snack? JSC has an expansive list of s’more compliments that includes crushed Oreo, toffee bits, sweet ‘n’ salty pretzel, toasted coconut with or without walnuts, sea salt caramel, peppermint dust, broken M&Ms, white coconut with colored crystals, graham dust, rainbow sprinkles, hammered Butterfinger, broken Reese’s Pieces, sugar balls, chocolate drizzle, salted pretzel and more! The choices are endless, and yes — you should try them all.
Why I like it: When your entire menu is dedicated to the s’more, you know it’s going to be perfection. Share the love by picking up a large S’monster S’more to thank a teacher or coach for all their hard work.
More Info: You can check them out on Facebook, or call 973-220-1591.

Boston Creme Brioche


Where: The Flaky Tart, 145 First Ave, Atlantic Highlands
Details: This charming neighborhood bakeshop is stuffed full of artisan pastries and desserts that are almost too pretty to eat, but do it anyway. And make sure to order the Boston creme brioche when you’re there. This fluffy homemade donut comes with a glaze of chocolate and pastry cream filling. Seasonal flavors like coconut maple rum and bourbon apple cider with pecans sell out fast, so get there early.
Why I like it: Not only do The Flaky Tart’s pastries taste delicious, their presentation is impeccable and totally Instagram-worthy, whether you’re ordering the brioche or a fruit tartlet.
More Info: TheFlakyTart.com or call 732-291-2555.

Philly Fluff Cake


Where: Natale’s Summit Bakery, 185 Broad Street, Summit
Details: There are lots of cakes, cookies and pastry at Natale’s, but the house specialty is their famous Philly Fluff cake. It’s a soft pound cake that is light, fluffy and moist; it also comes in flavors like blueberry with coffee cake topping.
Why I like it: Pick up a Philly Fluff cake the next time you are entertaining out-of-town guests. It’s big enough to share, plus it will guarantee a return visit!
More Info: NatalesBakery.com or call 908-277-2074.



Where: Indulgence Cupcakery, 43 Kings Highway, Suite 2, Haddonfield
Details: You can’t go wrong with a cupcake at Indulgence. They have all the necessary flavors to keep purists happy. (Think chocolate and vanilla with matching buttercream.) But the true treat comes in flavors like strawberry lemonade, s’mores, jalapeno and chocolate peanut butter pretzel cupcakes.
Why I like it: They give each day’s leftover cupcakes to local charities like the Ronald McDonald House, bringing a smile to those who need it most.
More Info: IndulgencyCupcakery.com or call 856-354-0400.



Where: Miel Patisserie, Village Walk Shopping Center, 1990 Route 70 East, Cherry Hill
Details: French desserts are the focus at this Cherry Hill patisserie. And you can’t do French without doing macarons, the classic, and oh-so-trendy treat. The flavors change daily and there are gluten-free options. Each bite is light with the perfect amount of crispy cookie shell and sweet filling.
Why I like it: Bite-size and beautiful, these make the perfect dessert platter for a bridal shower, baby shower or a little girl’s birthday tea party.
More Info: Mielpatisserie.com or call 856-424-6435.