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Spoony Sweets Cereal Café Will Delight Your Inner Child

Cereal lovers can get their fix all day, everyday thanks to New Jersey’s first cereal bar. Spoony Sweets Cereal Café is now in Hamilton, appealing to the kid in all of us. But just because they serve cereal doesn’t mean they are only open for breakfast. In fact, Spoony Sweets is open all day (Mon-Sat: 8:00 am – 8:00 pm; Sun: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm).

“We had the opportunity to bring Spoony Sweets anywhere we wanted,” say owners Ryan Knipe and Medina Cekic. “We chose Hamilton for the diversity in Mercer County. The location gives people from New York, Philadelphia and the New Jersey Shore easy access.”

Spoony Sweets Cereal Cafe Exterior Sign in Hamilton

How it works

First, choose a cereal from the 25-plus options; choices include Golden Grahams ®, Honey Bunches of Oats ®, Krave ®, Life Original ®, Lucky Charms ®, Nutter Butter ®, Oreo O’s ® and more.  After that, you choose a second cereal to mix with the first.

Once your cereal selections are complete, it’s time to add some toppings. In general, you can pick from fruit, candy or snacks. Specifically, they have options like granola, crushed Oreos, strawberries, M&Ms, bananas, Charms Marshmallows and more. Spoony Sweets offers example ideas as well, such as their Fruit Loopia; a combo of Froot Loops ® and Fruity Pebbles ® with Charms Marshmallows and raspberry drizzle.

Finally, no bowl of cereal is truly complete without milk. Spoony Sweets has five types of milk available—whole, two percent, chocolate, almond and soy.

Between the cereals, toppings and milks, the café lets you create over 40,000 unique, mix-and-match combinations.

Mixed Cereals from Spoony Sweets in Hamilton

What to Expect

“We want to provide superior service to every person that walks through our door,” as they say on their website. “It’s not just cereal. It’s an experience, a warm and friendly place. Our customers enjoy a laid back atmosphere full of fun and laughter.”

They want customers to relax on couches and other comfy seating. They provide free WiFi and a large television to watch your favorite cartoons and movies. As for the music, you’ll hear a range of tunes like top 40, 80s and alternative. “Spoony Sweets is Saturday morning cartoons meets house party while your parents are away,” the owners say. “Even at 10:00 am on a Wednesday.”

You can find Spoony Sweets Cereal Café at 2222 Highway 33 in Hamilton. For more information, visit their website or call 609-58-SPOON.

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