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Sender’s Smoke Joint in Teaneck Has Something for Everyone

If you’ve ever felt hungry without craving something in particular, Sender’s Smoke Joint in Teaneck is for you. Their truly eclectic menu features barbecue, tacos, sandwiches, pizza, and more. Plus, as a bonus, the entire menu is glatt kosher. In fact, this BYOB spot is three doors down from FillerUp Kosher Wines, to complete your kosher meal.

Sender’s Smoke Joint is a casual spot with a rustic, cozy, and vintage American theme. If it feels unusually homey, that’s because the 1,200-square-foot space was originally a residence. “Hence, the façade looks a bit like a home,” says chef and owner Alexander “Sender” Remer. Likewise, the staff works hard to make guests feel at home; for instance, you can order drinks from FillerUp Kosher Wines in advance and they’ll pick it up for you.

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Patrons can dine in, grab a seat at the counter, or order take out for lunch or dinner. Sender’s can seat up to 45 people indoors, but you can also reserve the private back room for 10 people. In addition, there is outdoor seating in the back for 50, which boasts a fire pit and music streaming.

The Sender’s Smoke Joint Menu is Simple Yet Robust

Of course, as a chef, Remer helms the kitchen himself. His training comes from his time as a line cook for chef Marc DiTomassi while living in Chicago; as well as working as the sous chef for chef Seth Warshaw of the kosher ETC Steakhouse in Teaneck. Now, he cooks flavorful food that is simple yet robust at his own kosher restaurant. (Remer tells us a Mashgiach Tamidi is present at all times.)

“It’s friendly for mature palates and families, too,” Remer says about the menu; options include authentic BBQ, wood-fire grilled chops, and Kosher soul food, all under the New American cuisine genre. “We bring modernist techniques and inspiration to classic American food, creating contemporary signature dishes,” he adds. “Sender’s is the marriage between the kind of food I grew up cooking with my family and the fine dining traditions French techniques offer.” Click here to see the full Sender’s Smoke Joint dinner menu.

Veal Ribs
Veal Ribs

Standout Picks

Signature items, for example, include the OG meat pizza, a Chicago-style, deep-dish pie that is dairy free. This medley of meat mixes veal, lamb, beef, sausage, shredded salami, crispy beef, mushrooms, and onion. One other item guests love is the Ziggy sandwich; which comes with fried chicken, maple bourbon, brisket, sliced veal, crispy onions, and bacon served with coleslaw and pickles.

Meanwhile, one of the more unique unique offerings include duck nuggets (you can still order chicken nuggets if you want). Likewise, the smokestack mushrooms offer what Remer describes as “unique, healthful takes on classic comfort food gems.”

To find Sender’s Smoke Joint, head over to 190 West Englewood Avenue in Teaneck. To learn more, you can visit their website or give them a call.

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