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Oceancrat Serves Boiling Seafood in Mount Laurel

South Jersey has a new seafood spot that’s sure to catch your eye. Known as Oceancrat The Boiling Seafood, this Mount Laurel joint serves Louisiana Cajun-style seafood. With room for about 100 indoors as well as outdoor seating, it’s a great place to BYOB or watch TV.

Chef Steve Lin and his wife Brenda own the restaurant. Lin moved from China to the United States in the 90s, learning under a sushi master in New York. His first restaurant, Megu Sushi, opened in 2003 and is now in several spots around South Jersey.

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“My favorite dish is seafood,” says Lin. “In the past 20 years, I’ve been making seafood-based dishes.” Now living in Cherry Hill and a father to three daughters, he says he enjoys choosing the freshest and best seafood.

As you might expect, the interior is full of nautical-themed décor. In fact, you’ll find fish nets, life preservers, and plastic lobsters and crabs adorning the walls. Previously a sushi restaurant before Oceancrat, a design overhaul now makes the location feel like you’re sailing the South Seas.

Collage of Nautical Decor inside The Boiling Seafood

Fresh From the Sea

Everything on the menu is fresh and simple, though you might get a little messy while eating; but don’t worry, guests get plastic gloves and a large plastic bib so they can enjoy their food. Meal starters include the popular Hushpuppy balls, as well as fried cheesesticks, onion rings, and fried calamari. Signature entrees include the bucket for two, which lets diners create their own bucket. First, choose an item such as one pound of shrimp or 1.25 pounds of snow crab legs; after that, you pick your flavor.

The fan-favorite option is Lin’s special Cajun sauce, which comes in mild, medium, hot, and extra hot. But you can also go for lemon pepper, garlic butter, or Old Bay seasoning. After you select a sauce, it’s time to choose the level of spice between mild, medium, hot, or extra hot. As a final touch, you can select from sides like fried rice, corn on the cob, or French fries.

There is also a special lunch menu – with options including boiled clams or shrimp – which comes with corn and potato. Meanwhile, for something different, they serve fried baskets of chicken tenders or calamari with Cajun fries.

Bucket for Two

I See What You Did There, Oceancrat

As for the name, Oceancrat The Boiling Seafood, Lin wanted something different. He says this kind of food is called boiling seafood, and that the word Oceancrat evokes this feeling.

You can find Oceancrat The Boiling Seafood at 1134 Route 73 South in Mount Laurel. They are open seven days a week, but hours vary, so visit the website for details. You can also give them a call to learn more.

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