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New Jersey Brewers Association Boosts Tourism and Jobs

The New Jersey Brewers Association has been around since 1997. It represents independent breweries and affiliated groups in order to promote “beer appreciation” and growth. In just over 20 years, the industry in the state has grown immensely. In fact, for New Jersey, local craft beer has become a prominent commodity.

To learn more about how NJ is becoming a destination for beer lovers, Steve Adubato went on-location to Drumthwacket. Of course, Drumthwacket is the official residence of the New Jersey governor. During this episode of State of Affairs with Steve Adubato, the show host speaks with Alexis Degan. Degan is the executive director of the New Jersey Brewers Association; and the perfect person to ask about how brewers in our state are creating tourism as well as jobs.

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How the New Jersey Brewers Association Benefits NJ

Degan says that New Jersey has one of the fastest growing craft beer industries in the country. It is an industry in which countless people participate, from production to consumption. Moreover, there is even a Women’s Brew Day to celebrate the woman of craft beer.

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“There are a lot of women in the craft beer world,” says Degan. “Historically, women were the brewers of beer. When you go to the origins of beer in general, women were the brewers, because they were the homemakers; they were the ones storing the grain into beer. When guys realized that you could make money off it, [that’s] when they kind of took over [laughs].”

In addition, even New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy and First Lady Tammy Murphy recognize the talent of NJ craft brewers. They recently announced they will exclusively serve NJ craft beer and wine moving forward. Degan says there will still be plenty of options to choose from, as there are 114 breweries throughout the state.

Degan goes on to explain the positive impact the New Jersey Brewers Association continues to have on New Jersey. For more examples, click here to see this edition of State of Affairs with Steve Adubato.

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One on One with Steve Adubato

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