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Nature’s EnerQi Cooks Healthy Food in Flemington

As more people trend towards healthy eating and environmentally conscious cuisine, many restaurants are adapting to follow suit. For instance, Nature’s EnerQi in Flemington is a new spot that serves healthy teas and snacks. They also offer a signature healthy cooking style, bubble tea and bubble fruities, but more on that in a bit.

The 1,200-square foot spot is fully renovated and aims to evoke a sense of calmness. Stop in and you’ll hear classical and soft music playing over speakers as a soothing slideshow plays on their TV.

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Nature’s EnerQi can seat 24 inside as well as nine on their front porch/veranda with current social distancing regulations. There is also a 1,600-square foot clubhouse space upstairs with four rooms for rent.

“We’ve been incredibly grateful to all of those who’ve supported us during these trying times. We’ve been able to serve an amazing and supportive community which has been more than we could have asked for,” says Thomas Chen, president of Nature’s EnerQi. The café actually started in Denville, but he decided to move his business to his hometown of Flemington.

A Different Approach to Cooking at Nature’s EnerQi

What’s unique about Nature’s EnerQi is that they cook all their food using only water. “All our cooked foods are cooked with water (steamed or brewed), the essence of life on earth. Oil is only used for taste or texture. As a consequence, little is used,” their website explains.

Menu items include the popular Thai Lettuce Wrap made with chicken, carrots, green onions, and cabbage; which they then toss in a spicy peanut sauce and wrap in lettuce leaves. Another option is the Steamery Sampler that lets you mix and match eight dumplings, plus two different shrimp haystacks. (Dumplings come in pork, kung pao chicken, veggie, and shrimp.)

Nature's EnerQi Tea Selection

In fact, even the desserts are nutritious. For example, they make fudgy black bean brownies with dark chocolate, honey, and black beans; meanwhile, they make Banana bread with honey, oat flour, walnuts, and cinnamon. Click here to see the full menu.

Nature’s EnerQi makes Bubble tea with black or Jasmine tea that can be sweetened or unsweetened, with or without milk. You’ll also find specialty smoothies such as “Super Vitamin C” and “Aloe You Berry Much”. Bubble fruities come in flavors like tropical nectar, apple, peach, mango, and strawberry.

Nature’s EnerQi is open seven days a week and offers takeout. You can find the cafe at 7 Main Street in Flemington. To learn more, click here to visit their website, or click here to give them a call.

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