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Kids Are Always Welcome at The Meeting House in Princeton

As the name implies, The Meeting House in Princeton is all about friends, neighbors, and a lively vibe. In fact, that’s how the restaurant – open since November 2019 – got its name; because husband and wife co-owners Amanda Maher and Amar Gautam are melding good food, good drinks, and good people.

While living in New York City for over 15 years (10 of those years together), Amar Gautam ran The Archive; the cocktail bar was great for a night out with friends, but as the years went on, they needed more. In 2015, the couple had two kids with a third on the way; during this time, they fell in love with an old house in Princeton and spent the next three years restoring it.

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All Are Welcome at The Meeting House

By 2019, they realized they wanted to open a restaurant or, in their own words, create their ideal eatery; one where they could either dine out with friends or enjoy a lively family meal with their three young kids. The Meeting House is the end result if this idea. “If you’re wondering whether your kids are welcome in the dining room, they are,” says Gautam. “Bring them.”

Indoor Dining Room

The restaurant’s design is sleek and rustic with an upscale yet homey and warm vibe. As for the menu, you’ll find unique and refined American cuisine with seasonal ingredients at this 150-seat spot. In fact, Top Chef Masters alum Carmen Gonzalez consulted on The Meeting House menu; which serves dinner as well as brunch on the weekends in a stylish yet comfy space.

“We see The Meeting House as arising organically from Princeton’s good taste and natural sense of community,” says Maher. “The sensibility embodied by The Meeting House has always been here, on street corners and in coffee shops and dining rooms across the township.”

A Menu That Meets You More Than Half Way

When ready to order, the owners suggest starting your meal off with their popular sweet pea guacamole with house chips. After that, they also say the fried chicken is a hit. In addition, they serve Brine chicken with apple coleslaw, biscuits, and chile honey. Otherwise, you can try the popular slow-cooked boneless short ribs with cheesy polenta, grilled mushrooms and demi sauce. Click here to see the full menu.

Meeting House Bar

If you’re coming to The Meeting House for a drink, the bar of course offers a seasonal cocktail menu; as well as locally brewed beers and both new and old-world wines. In particular, the owners say that folks love the Purple Sage (tequila, lavender, and lime juice); but Bee Balm (gin, honey sage, lemon, and prosecco) is also a top choice.

Stop by The Meeting House at 277 Witherspoon Street in Princeton. To learn more, visit their website or give them a call.

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All Photos: © Michael Slack (used with permission)