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Find Authentic Filipino Fare at Reyta’s in Cherry Hill

It’s not an exaggeration to say the new Reyta’s Filipino Cuisine restaurant in Cherry Hill is all about family. In fact, Co-owner Mark Reyta believes that family can never be too close for comfort; which is why he is happy to co-own Reyta’s and share cooking duties with his mother, Everlinda. While some might avoid working with family, Mark raves about it.

“Working with my mom is great,” Mark says. “We both love cooking, and I learned a lot from her. It’s our way of bonding together. We enjoy our time together in the kitchen. We work well as a team and we both have the same goal, to give people quality Filipino food.”

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Reyta’s Filipino Cuisine is now open inside a space formerly serving as a bowling alley. The 1,800-square foot space offers dinner seating for 45 people, as well as takeout service. As for why Mark and mom chose Cherry Hill, there is a large population of Filipinos in the area; so Reyta believes Cherry Hill is a good spot for the casual eatery.

“I also want to make Filipino food known here in South Jersey,” Mark says. With this in mind, Mark hopes to open more locations in the future; he plans on doing so through a partnership with his uncle, Marcos Medroso.

Reyta’s Filipino Cuisine is as Authentic as it Gets

At Reyta’s Filipino Cuisine, all recipes come from Mark’s grandmother. “She was a great cook and my mother learned pretty much everything from her.” He also says popular a la carte dishes include sizzling pork sisig and Palabok; the latter is a rice noodle dish with shrimp gravy, shrimp, pork, and fresh egg slices. Likewise, the sizzling beefsteak is a big hit. Meanwhile, the lechon kawai and fried seasoned pork belly are tasty as well.

“All of our food is made from scratch,” Mark tells us. “Most ingredients are sourced locally, but some ingredients are imported from the Philippines to give it an authentic taste.” This includes their Turo Turo – or “point point” – buffet-style menu, with ready-made items that change daily.

Boodle FIght
Boodle Fight Sample

They also offer a “boodle fight,” or meal without cutlery and dishes. This is so diners can practice “kamayan” (Filipino for eating with the hands). Patrons can order this large communal meal either off-site or in-house for special events. A package for up to eight people comes with options including rice, noodles, veggies, two meats and two seafood dishes.

Of course, you’ll want to save room for dessert, as options include leche flan, halo-halo, kutsinta, and ube kalamay. Click here to see the full Reyta’s Filipino Cuisine a la carte menu.

You can find Reyta’s Filipino Cuisine at 1490 Haddonfield Berlin Road, Suite 102 in Woodcrest Plaza in Cherry Hill. To learn more, visit their website or give them a call.

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