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The Best of: Mill Hill Park’s Pork Roll Festival

It’s an age-old question: Pork Roll or Taylor Ham? This past weekend, Mill Hill Park’s Pork Roll Festival had the answer. The one-day-only event provided countless pork roll-based dishes, along with pork roll-themed clothing, accessories, and other household items. Countless NJ residents came to Trenton’s Mill Hill Park to enjoy warm weather, music, and food at the 3rd Annual Pork Roll Festival.

Families, couples and groups of friends wandered around the park from food truck to food truck, enjoying the various types of pork roll-based dishes and other menu items. Such items ranged from the basic pork roll sandwich and pork roll egg and cheese to the more creative pork roll mac & cheese, pork roll stuffed pierogi, pork roll pizza, and even pork roll donuts.

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Rockin’ and (Pork) Rollin’

A food truck appropriately named “WTF?” (short for “Where’s the Food?“) also cooked up several different creative types of pork roll dishes, like Italian Pork Roll with peppers and marinara sauce and Hawaiian Pork Roll with pineapple. A number of vendors also offered other items like bacon-wrapped hot dogs and sausages, cheesesteaks, and pulled pork sandwiches.

The variety of desserts, however, was much more traditional; Italian ice, pastries, frozen lemonade, deep-fried OREOS, funnel cake, and warm pretzels were all available.

Mill Hill Park Pork Roll Festival

The 9-hour festival also provided live musical performances by some of the area’s best bands, who played a range of genres from rock & roll to jazz. While listening to live music and eating some mouthwatering grub, guests browsed through the various stands; offering houseware products, creative artwork and original New Jersey and pork roll-themed apparel.

Though the decades-long pork roll vs. Taylor Ham debate still gets heated among countless New Jersey residents, everyone who came out to Mill Hill Park this past Saturday abandoned their stances – if just for one day – to enjoy the much-anticipated warm weather, the engaging entertainment, and the outstanding variety of food provided by the distinguished food trucks who traveled from all around the state to be a part of an emerging Spring tradition.

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