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The Best Dessert Spots in Downtown Red Bank

The latest update for The Best Dessert Spots in Downtown Red Bank is written by Lindsay Podolak.

Never, ever question what you are going to have for dessert again! There are many things that Red Bank does well, and sweet treats are most definitely among them. These dessert spots in downtown Red Bank are worth the splurge and are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth; whether you love vanilla or chocolate, cupcakes or pies, or anything in between.

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Chocolate Works

best dessert, dessert spot, downtown red bank

Location: 36 Broad Street, Red Bank
Details: Pass on your Weight Watchers point system for the night and pretend to go back in time to when chocolate was considered an acceptable meal (your kids will bow to you)! This chocolate wonderland is all about leaving your worries at the door and finding bliss in dipping, tasting or decorating your own special treats at your own convenience.
Why I like it: If you’re into hazelnut, you won’t want to miss the Caramel Nutella Graham, a delicious concoction made with everything in its name!
More info: www.chocolateworks.com or call 732-383-5915

Cupcake Magician

desserts, dessert spots, downtown red bank

Location: 54 Monmouth Street, Red Bank
Details: This mom and pop bakery has been churning out award-winning cupcakes since 2011…they even were voted tenth best cupcake in the country! Daily flavors include stuffed cupcakes like Banana Cream Pie, Cannoli, Cream Puff and Hot Cocoa. Or, place a special order for standouts like the Pancake and Bacon, a maple cupcake frosted with maple buttercream and topped with bacon. Specialty cupcakes are available only in orders of six or more.
Why I like it: Cupcake Magician aims to please – mini cupcakes and gluten-free cupcakes are available upon request. Also, arrange for curbside pickup to receive your order right at your car!
More info: www.cupcakemagicianonline.com or call 732-530-5700

Whipped Creperie and Dessert Bar

best dessert, dessert spots, downtown red bank

Location: 6 Monmouth Street, Red Bank
Details: Ending your date night in a charming crepe cafe is like adding the proverbial cherry on top of a fantastic dessert. Cozy up to your sweetie and get wild with a whopping scoop of Nutella and marshmallow on your wrap confection or stay clean and add some healthy fruit options like berries and bananas.
Why I like it: Whipped Creperie is BYOB, so feel free to bring along a bottle of wine that pairs with the Dulce de Leche dessert crepe, creamy caramel spread with fresh bananas and vanilla gelato.
More info: www.whippedcreperie.com or call 732-747-0076

Luigi’s Ice Cream

best dessert, dessert spots, downtown red bank

Location: 60 Broad Street, Red Bank
Details: If only all of life’s problems were as difficult as choosing one or two scoops in a yummy cone, cup or donut. This hip shop’s unique flavors, like peanut butter and jelly and Cookie Monster rolled ice cream, are creating quite a stir amongst sundae lovers young and old!
Why I like it: The presentation of the rolled ice-cream desserts are totally Instagram-worthy, not to mention they taste great, too!
More info: www.luigisicecream.com or call 732-383-7077

Antoinette Boulangerie

best dessert, dessert spots, downtown red bank

Location: 32 Monmouth Street, Red Bank
Details: Say bonjour to this traditional French bakery. Antoinette Boulangerie aims to bring the taste of old world Paris to downtown Red Bank. Macarons, quiches, tarts, croissants and more are all on the menu. Plus custom cakes and catering are available for special occasions.
Why I like it: Unlike most bakeries, Antoinette Boulangerie is open seven days a week.
More info: www.antoinetteboulangerie.com or call 732-224-1118


best dessert, dessert spots, downtown red bank

Location: 37 East Front Street, Red Bank
Details: One word of advice: pace yourself at this sugar haven. The treats are so addicting that you’ll be convinced frosting is the cure for everything. Wait, it isn’t? Visit the cafe for a cup of coffee and a cupcake or woo your visiting friends by taking them to a bonafide celebrity establishment. Owner Chris Paseka baked his way to a win on the Food Network’s reality-competition show, Rewrapped.
Why I like it: Want a truly unique cupcake? “Go naked” and dress your naked cupcake with a myriad of icings, toppings and stuffings at the Cupcake Bar!
More info: www.experiencesugarush.com/ or call 732-414-9044

Hero (Top) Photo: © Cupcake Magician / Facebook
Additional Images (in Order) Courtesy:
Chocolate Works of Red Bank / Facebook
Cupcake Magician / Instagram
Whipped Creperie / Facebook
Luigi’s Ice Cream / Facebook
Antoinette Boulangerie / Facebook
Sugarush a sweet experience / Facebook

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