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Alessio’s in Hoboken Offers Something Special Every Meal

Luca Infantino is the owner of Alessio’s, a new Italian eatery in Hoboken. The restaurant’s name comes from his nearly 2-year-old son. However, the story isn’t as simple as a father naming his new business after his son. In fact, the idea didn’t even come from Luca himself! But once you hear the reason behind it, we’re sure you will agree with the name as well.

“When deciding the name of the restaurant, a friend told me that I should name it Alessio’s, my son’s name; because I would treat the place and put the effort into it like it’s a baby,” says Luca. “I’m obligated to never compromise on quality and customer service because of the name on the door.”

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A Rough Start

The 670-square foot spot – with an additional 200-square feet outside – seats 20 inside and 20 outdoors. Though new to many Alessio’s actually opened in February, two weeks before the pandemic hit. “When everything shut down, I felt like the entire world was falling on my head,” Luca says. “We didn’t have customers to count on.”

Without much of a menu or staff early on, Luca ran the Alessio’s morning shift solo, serving coffee and pastries. Then he brought on a pizza chef in early May. “It was difficult,” he admits. “But it gave me the opportunity to create a special relationship with each customer; knowing their name and sharing their experiences and feelings.”

Luca was born and raised in Italy, but moved to America in 2011 to work for the Italian Embassy. After a brief stint in fashion, he made the move to the food service industry. “I’ve always been interested in food and wanted to open a restaurant,” he says.

Restaurant interior

Alessio’s Offers Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, & More

Authentic, high-quality products are the core ingredients in everything on the menu at Alessio’s. For example, coffee comes directly from a Sicilian roastery. Likewise, Luca sources cheese and cold cuts from a gourmet Italian food company. In addition, they make fresh mozzarella on site.

The eclectic menu caters to any time of day including breakfast, which they serve daily. They receive bagel deliveries from a local bakery, and offer breakfast sandwiches or omelets as well. Meanwhile, morning drink options include fresh coffee, lattes, and tea.

The star of the Alessio’s lunch menu is the panini selection, all of which use bread they bake in house; signature choices include veggie, pepperoni, and turkey pesto. But you’ll also find more traditional menu options, such as wraps, salads, burgers, and subs.

As the day goes on, pizza and pasta stand out as top choices for dinner. Pizza pie favorites include margherita, tricolore, and capricciosa. Pasta dishes, on the other hand, range from baked ziti to eggplant parmigiana. Click here to see the full menu.

Finally, dessert highlights include gelato flown in from Perugia, Italy, featuring flavors like salted caramel, cherry vanilla, and hazelnut. Of course, other familiar treats include cheesecake, cannoli, and tiramisu.

Join the Club

One way Alessio’s separates itself from the pack is with a unique Rewards program. Signing up earns you a free coffee and 10-percent discount on your orders for the first 30 days. Rack up enough points, however, and you can earn free coffee, food, merch, and more. Luca is also planning on rolling out an app for Alessio’s in the near future.

Visit Alessio’s at 539 Park Avenue in Hoboken. For more info, click here to visit their website or click here to give them a call.

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