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Al Gattullo’s Craft Beer Cast Radio Show Discovers America’s Best Craft Beers

The best quality beer is often found at independent breweries. Like a family bakery or local toy shop, micro-breweries produce their products on a smaller scale; the benefit, of course, is their ability to put more heart and consideration into each of their creations. In the case of craft beer, one local radio show is offering insight into the latest can’t-miss brews. If discovering fresh, new tastes is what you’re after, Al Gattullo’s Craft Beer Cast is for you.

For this edition of One-on-One with Steve Adubato, Adubato sat down with Al Gattullo. Gattullo, host of the show on AM 970 every Sunday at 11:00 pm, loves craft beers. During his time with Adubato, he spoke about why craft beers are the toast of small towns across the country.

Gattullo is a veteran news and sports reporter and sportscaster for the Joe Piscopo Morning Show. He prides himself on being a craft beer aficionado. But don’t call him an expert!

“I never want to call myself an expert, because there’s always a learning experience,” he told Adubato. “I’ve loved drinking beer over the years, and the craft beer scene has had its ebbs and flows.”

Al Gattullo’s Craft Beer Cast Radio Show
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Gattullo says the craft beer explosion is because of the 1980s’ popularity of beers like Sam Adams and Sierra Nevada. But the reign of craft beers didn’t last long. After the crash in popularity, it wasn’t until the mid-2000s that craft breweries once again found the spotlight. New Jersey, in particular, has seen this first-hand; both in the number of craft breweries as well as the popularity of craft beer in general. This resurgence is the reason behind Gattullo’s radio program, which discusses the quality of craft beer across the country.

“Anybody can drink a Budweiser or a Coors Light,” Gattullo says. “But in the end, when you want to try something that’s fresh, tasty, delicious, makes you want to have more than one, craft beer’s the way to go.”

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