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Turrell Fund Promotes Love During Childhood Development

One of the most vital substances for a happy, healthy baby is not tangible, as you might expect; instead, what children need as part of their early development, is love. This positive emotional expression is a necessity in a young child’s life. Its presence – and likewise, its absence – has a profound impact on the way a person develops mentally and emotionally.

The importance of love to a child’s development is the focus of this One-on-One with Steve Adubato episode. During the show, host Steve Adubato, PhD., visits the Turrell Fund Day for Children, an event in Shelburne, Vermont. Speaking with Reverend Bill Gannon, Turrell Fund trustee and retired reverend at Episcopal Diocese of Newark, he learns the importance of surrounding children with love throughout their childhood and into adulthood.

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The Turrell Fund Discusses Why Love Matters during Early Childhood Development

Though the Turrell Fund is in Montclair, the organization has a national impact. They do this by supporting other organizations that deliver developmental services to children ages zero to five. Since 1935, the Turrell Fund has rapidly grown, and even offers its own active daycare for children.

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During the 2019 Turrell Fund Day for Children, Gannon gave a presentation on love; in particular, emphasizing the connection between love and infants and toddlers.

“Love,” Gannon tells Adubato, “is the wholesome food for the youngest human beings; babies age one to three and up to five. And as they experience love from parents and relatives and others, they become more of who they will eventually finish becoming.”

The Turrell Fund works with other programs to spread this message of love. In addition, they award grants to similar groups in Essex, Hudson, Union, and Passaic counties. They continue to have a large impact on the Garden State and nearby areas.

Gannon explains that love – and how we express it to children – has many layers. But no matter the form it takes, unconditional love and support is a prevailing factor in raising a child.

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