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Outrageous Gifts for Camp Visiting Day

You spent hours–and a lot of money!–shopping for your child’s sleepaway camp gear, labeling everything and getting it all to fit in his trunk. He couldn’t wait to spend the summer with his friends and you couldn’t wait to get him out of your hair. But now that he’s gone, you’re counting down the hours until visiting day.

Of course you know you can’t arrive empty handed. It’s always a competition of sorts—the more extravagant the gift, the better. You’ve already spent this much on camp…what’s a little more come visiting day? Below are some wow-worthy treats that may slightly break the bank. But they’re sure to guarantee some smiles and let her know just how much you’re missing her.

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Onesie Pajamas

summer camp, gifts, visiting daySoft and cozy onesie jammies are a hot item right now. Why not splurge and buy these cute matching ones for your child and her bunk mates? The pajamas are warm, fleece, footed and just plain fun. What better attire to hang out in while showing some camp spirit and pride? Pricing reflects the pajamas with one color imprint in one location (down the leg, on the chest or on the rear). Add individual names to the onesies for an additional charge.
Where to Buy: Camprageous Gifts
Price: $39.75 each (minimum order of 12)

Candy Bunk

gifts, visiting day, campTalk about a delicious treat! This candy-covered bunk is almost too sweet to eat. Adorn it with your camper’s camp name and bunk number. Filled with tons of mouth-watering candy, there’s plenty to share with his fellow campers. He’ll be the hit of the bunk with this edible crowd pleaser. The site also sells popcorn tins, candy skateboards and other edible treats.
Where to Buy: Happy Camper NYC
Price: $125

Namedrops Custom Blanket

camp, gifts, visiting dayEarly mornings and late nights at camp can be cold. These super soft, oversized blankets keep your child warm and cozy no matter how chilly it gets. Get one custom designed with your child’s name, camp name or a particular word. You choose the background design and font color. A perfectly cute and colorful gift!
Where to Buy: Camp Stuff 4 Less
Price: Starting at $108

Custom S’mores Kit

camp, gifts, visiting daySix yummy s’mores kits come individually packaged with all the proper ingredients—a two-inch marshmallow, four graham cracker squares and chocolate. It’s all wrapped in a clear cellophane sleeve and tied with a color-coordinating bow. They’re perfect for sharing with bunk mates or camp counselors. Want the marshmallow imprinted with your camp’s logo? Just ask your camp to email the company giving them permission to use their logo.
Where to Buy: Candy With a Twist
Price: $46

My Squad Zip-up Hoodie

gift, camp, visiting daySurprise your daughter on visiting day with this awesome personalized sweatshirt. Tell the shop your child’s name, camp colors, favorite activities and other details. Add her first or last name down the sleeve. They’ll create a customized hoodie just for your camper that she’ll love wearing all summer long.
Where to Buy: Hall of Scoops
Price: $84

Rice Krispy Treat T-shirts

camp, gifts, visiting dayAny basic, run-of-the-mill Rice Krispy treat won’t do. These ooey, gooey marshmallow delights are shaped like your kid’s camp t-shirt. Each order contains one dozen treats topped with nonpareil candies and customized with an edible image of the camp logo. Bring them along to gift to all of your child’s bunk mates on visiting day!
Where to Buy: Brookie’s Cookies NYC
Price: $72

Customized Painted Sneakers

gifts, camp, visiting daySneakers go through the ringer at camp. Why not bestow your son or daughter with some new kicks that are personalized to boot? Send the shop a pair of sneakers and tell them how you’d like them decorated. Perhaps get the camp’s logo on one shoe and her best pals’ names on the other. The more inspiration you provide, the better they’ll look.
Where to Buy: Bee Bee Designs
Price: $100

Ultimate Party in a Bucket

gifts, camp, visiting dayCelebrate this joyous reunion with your camper while munching on over 7 pounds of candy! This gift basket brims over with an array of classic treats such as Swedish Fish, Runts, Nerds, Gobstoppers, Warheads and Smarties. An amazing gift with plenty to share with all of your kid’s bunk mates.
Where to Buy: Dylan’s Candy Bar
Price: $180

Custom Foldable Headphones

camp, gifts, visiting dayRock out in style with these personalized “Beats-style” headphones. Your camper can enjoy his favorite tunes via these stylish headphones decked out in multiple colors. Personalize them with logos or words placed in various spots, including the top band and the area covering the ears.
Where to Buy: Kidcessories
Price: $40

Candy-Covered Mini Skateboard

camp, gifts, visiting day
What’s better than a mini skateboard? How about a candy-covered one? Chow down on all the delicious loot—the gift includes Tootsie Pops, Dots, Nerds and more. Once it’s gone, keep the skateboard to play with all summer long. This NJ-based company offers a large selection of camp gifts, including pajamas, games and spirit items.
Where to Buy: Gotta Great Gift
Price: $65

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