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Father English Food Pantry Keeps NJ Communities Healthy

Food Pantries are one of the most direct ways to fight food insecurity in local communities. But one NJ pantry is going above and beyond to care for those in need. The Father English Food Pantry offers both a unique way of “shopping” for food as well as diabetes education. Steve Adubato visited one of their sites to learn more.

For this episode of One-on-One with Steve Adubato, the show host speaks with members operating the food pantry. Through this initiative, the Father English Food Pantry both feeds those in need, and provides them with necessary health education.

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How The Father English Food Pantry Helps Feed NJ

The pantry has three locations in NJ, but the main one is in Paterson, the largest city in Passaic County. The Diocese of Paterson administers the food pantry, helping to keep residents healthy and knowledgeable about good quality diets.

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As for what makes the Father English approach unique, it’s all about the experience. First, they give clients “shopping points” according to their family sizes; then they encourage clients to shop just like they would in a commercial grocery store. In addition, customers can visit the food pantry as frequently as they need.

“[In our Paterson location,] we feed over 5,000 people every single month,” says Father English Food Pantry Director Carlos Roldan. “We give out more than 400 bags of food every single day, Monday through Friday.”

This initiative is made possible through Catholic Charities, which is a large part of the Diocese of Paterson.

“Catholic Charities here in the Diocese of Paterson is incredibly vast,” explains Development Director Christopher Brancato. “We operate over 70 programs to help people who are in need. Our Father English Food Pantry is one of our many programs…”

Another one of the programs the Catholic Charities provide is a diabetes prevention program. Since Diabetes has become a major issue in low-income communities, the program consulted nutritionists and other experts to help develop plans for diabetic and pre-diabetic individuals and families.

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One on One with Steve Adubato

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