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Experts Discuss Affordable, Quality Child Care for All

Parents know the importance of child care. Children need both emotional and mental support in order to become strong, capable adults. But with hectic schedules and absurd prices, it can be a challenge to find affordable, quality child care. However, experts say parents need to make it a priority.

On this episode of Think Tank with Steve Adubato, the show host visits the Turrell Fund Day for Children. During the trip, Adubato sits down with a panelist of guests to discuss the importance of affordable, quality child care; in particular, for kids ages zero to three. Guests include Dr. Arturo Brito, executive director of The Nicholson Foundation; Atiya Weiss, executive director of The Burke Foundation; Dominique Lee, founder and chief executive officer of BRICK Education Network; as well as Reeva Sullivan Murohy, deputy commissioner of Child Development at the Vermont Department for Children & Families. These four experts on early childhood development opened up about this crucial issue.

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Why Child Care is Crucial

Thanks to the Turrell Fund & Right From the Start NJ for making this video possible.

The Turrell Fund is a youth development fund that supports organizations delivering educational and developmental services to children. The fund offers grants around Essex, Hudson, Passaic, and Union counties, and throughout the state of Vermont as well. This year’s theme was “love,” and the importance of self-loving, loving your neighbors, and loving our planet.

Weiss explains one of the salient issues at the day’s conference; the shortage of infant and toddler care, and what Vermont is doing to address that gap.

“They plan to have high quality spots for 100 percent of Vermont’s children,” says Weiss.

In addition, while discussing the conference’s theme in relation to this issue, Dr. Brito adds: “I find it fascinating how the intersection between love and science [is] proving that those first few years of life are critical, and what every single child needs is to be loved, to be read to, to be talked to—but in a very loving way—and to feel safe in their environment… We need to hold our children, our infants, toddlers, make them feel secure, talk to them, teach them, sing to them, and the rest of their lives they will have that foundation to build on, and they’re more likely to become healthier, productive adults.”

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