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Celebrate National Cat Day with the Kitties of NJ

They’re soft and adorable. They do that little “kneading” thing that feels like a massage. They chase away mice, swat bugs, and serve as protectors of their domain.
And they arguably reign as the Internet’s favorite animal.
So, it makes sense that cats would get their own national day of celebration. I mean, have you seen a cat lately? They’re really cute!
If you’re lucky enough to be owned by a cat, you know that one day of celebration isn’t nearly enough. Cat owners are all too proud to boast about their tiny feline overlords all over social media. New Jersey’s cat owners are no different, bragging about their furry companions on Instagram under the hashtag #CatsofNJ (ahem, my cat even has his own Instagram account).
You might say we live in Mew Jersey.
So, in honor of October 29 — aka, National Cat Day — check out some of the Garden State’s finest four-footed feline residents.
And if you’re looking to add a cat to your home, check out NJSPCA’s list of animal shelters, check with your local shelter (or ask your vet for a recommendation) — or visit PetSmart November 13-15 for their National Adoption Weekend.
Because, let’s face it, every day is National Cat Day when you’ve got a fur-iend.