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Sesame Street Celebrates 50 Seasons of Wholesome TV

For half a century, kids across the world have been learning alongside the lovable cast of Sesame Street. But it takes hard work, and a lot of people, to bring this series to life. When it comes to picking topics and scenarios for the show, it takes special research and expert knowledge. Which is exactly what Rosemarie Truglio, PhD, brings to the table (or street, in this case).

Speaking with Steve Adubato for an episode of One-on-One with Steve Adubato, Truglio discusses the Sesame Street legacy. Truglio is the senior vice president of Curriculum & Content at Sesame Workshop; for more than two decades, her job has been to help parents and children prepare for school and life. Prior to joining the team, she studied and worked in the fields of child and developmental psychology.

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Now, she uses her expertise to fluidly combine academic disciplines into content guidelines for the TV program. Through her careful planning and research, viewers are able to learn subjects like arts, sciences, philosophy, and literature; of course, they do so in a fun and engaging environment with colorful characters they look forward to watching. Now in its 50th season, Sesame Street delights viewers of all ages, but captures the imagination of young learners.

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In addition, Truglio is also the co-author of Sesame Street: Ready for School!: A Parent’s Guide to Playful Learning for Children Ages 2 to 5. This 2019 book spans eight chapters, each focusing on different key areas. These include language, literacy, math, science, logic and reasoning, social and emotional development, healthy habits, and the arts. The lessons and activities it features aid in a child’s preparation for school. Which is exactly what Sesame Street is all about.

Sesame Street is not only helping us prepare children for school but preparing children for life,” says Truglio. “We are often thought of as the ‘letter and number show,’ but we’re so much more. It is a comprehensive curriculum, and more recently we’ve been focusing on the skills that help children learn; so not only what to learn but how to learn.”

The curriculum focus for the program changes every year, Truglio explains. The minds behind the show are always trying to meet the needs of “today’s children,” with each passing year. For season 50 of Sesame Street, Truglio’s team highlights the amount of stress and pressure young children deal with. Adults frequently deal with stress and pressure, but Truglio sees the same happening to our youth.

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