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Sailors NYC Helps NJ Boaters Hit the Water

If saving up for an intimate getaway on a private ship sounds dreamy but pricey, NJ’s new sailing club can help boat lovers navigate an escape without a tidal wave of expenses. Sailors NYC, a club which operates from Liberty Harbor Marina in Jersey City, offers sailors the opportunity to skim the open waters on medium size vessels without the cost of owning their own boat.

Captain Nitzan Levy is the founder of Sailors NYC. Levy launched the club to make sailing an accessible recreational activity for tri-state residents and city dwellers.

“Sailing is often considered an expensive and complicated sport. At Sailors NYC, we offer intro sailing lessons as well as continuous access to sailing at very reasonable prices,” said Captain Nitzan Levy.

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Why Own When You Can Rent?

She admits owning a boat may not be worth the financial burden.

“Buying a boat on your own, docking fees and the cost of maintenance, fuel and commuting…they all add up. People can save big by joining Sailors NYC. We take care of the rest!”

sailors nyc, sailors, boatersFor all levels interested, the club offers an introductory 2-hour hands-on sailing lesson. Each boat holds four participants maximum under the guidance of a certified instructor. The session starts with a quick overview of basic terminology and safety procedures while docked and then the crew casts off.

“Students will learn how to hoist the sails and set them up to sail; to steer the boat and to perform basic sailing maneuvers. Students who are interested in learning more towards a sailing certification are encouraged to take the Start Sailing course and join the club,” said Captain Nitzan Levy.

There are different levels of membership at the club with one important goal in mind.

“Just like with golf clubs, our sailing club is a social platform for like-minded people who are looking to exercise their hobby/sport with their own guests as well as with other club members,” said Captain Nitzan Levy.

Sailors NYC also hosts excursions and events year-round.  For more information, visit www.sailorsnyc.com.

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